Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday Thoughts

1. In England last weekend, a shin-kicking competition was held. Shin kicking. I know it's random for me to mention it, but I heard about it yesterday and just had to share! The rules are: hold onto your opponents shoulders, and kick until one of you falls over. You are allowed to stuff your pant legs with straw for padding. (Duh!) Here's a link to a video if you're curious - I watched part of it but got overwhelmed because of the complex strategies involved.

2. I received my order from Novica yesterday, and I just ordered it last Thursday! Talk about fast! It came in a beautiful box, with a handwritten note from Thailand (yes, the entire country wrote me a note). You still have till Friday to enter the Novica giveaway and you could win a prize of your own choosing!

3. My last thought today is this: my friend Sarah and I try to get together to exercise a couple times a week. We rotate among biking, hiking, walking, or swimming at the pool. Lately though, it's been so hot that the pool seems like the only good option. Normally we practically have the pool to ourselves, but yesterday, with temperatures in the mid 90's, and a heat index of over 100 degrees, that was not the case.

The pool was packed. And even as the sun started setting, it continued to fill up. There's something about a ton of people swimming around me that can gross me out if I think about it too much. But I tell myself that no one ever caught anything from a pool and to just not think about it. And once I get past the ick factor, I love hanging out at a community pool. The football being tossed over our heads, the splashing, the conversations, the people watching! We had a blast last night.

How are those two related?
Is that kid theirs?
What language is she speaking?
How old is that good looking man, do you think?
That lady looks pretty good for being as pregnant as she is!
(-things said by either Sarah or I as we dried off after a long swim)

Those are my thoughts today! I wanted sooooooo badly to mention a certain scandal with a certain congressman with a really embarrassing name and a Twitter account, but I decided to not debase my blog with the word "wiener."


Happy Wednesday!


Ben said...
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Ben said...

That shin-kicking looks kind of like scarecrow sumo wrestling.

Sarah said...

The crazy variety of people at the pool was like watching our own uber-entertaining reality show...good times!! :)

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh, that shirt was hilarious: "He's getting the shin kicked out of him!" :)

Emily said...

Why's blogger gotta be lame and say you removed a post? What if you were writing a paper and every time you deleted a word the phrase "word was deleted" was inserted. I think you should be able to remove a post without blogger telling you. Maybe blogger hates when posts are removed so they use it as their way of getting back at you. It just ain't right!

Katherine said...

I really think we should start hosting an American shin-kicking competition! Maybe I'll suggest it for the Celtic Festival next year... Sounds pretty fantastic! Aslo, I'm really excited about winning the drawing! I'm feeling it this time...!

Man, swimming in a pool sounds gooooood!! I always feel weird swimming with a whole bunch of other people, too, but it can be fun at times. And thanks for sparing us from talking about that certain scandal... ;)

karajean said...

Ha! I wish you would have written about a certain congressman... but good choice about not debasing your blog!

Sui Sin Far said...

Just imagine a diaper floating next to you in the lagoon and the public pool will seem much cleaner.

Liz said...

I have worked at many pools over the past decade and I know for sure that the chlorine kills every germ. (Or at least that's what we would tell patrons (insert evil laugh) )