Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday Thoughts

I discovered the cure for a bad mood today: catching "I got a man" by Postive K on the radio. If you are anywhere near me in age and remember this song, I'd highly recommend listening to it again. With lyrics like, "I'm not a dog baby, so don't play me like a clown; I'll admit it, I like how you kick it; Now you're talking baby, dat's da ticket," this song is timeless.

Wednesday Thoughts is kinda late today because I was feeling a wee bit crabby today. I'm better now.

This Friday I'm checking another summer goal off my list: going to Amococo. I've been telling friends about how much I want to go to Amococo, but when I try to describe what it is, I sort of freeze. I usually say things like, "It's an inflatable... village? It has a bunch of rooms... it's lit up in a variety of colors.... from the outside it looks like the birth canal (an image Sarah got in my head)...." Surprisingly, even with that awesome description, people don't know what I'm talking about.

So here's a picture, along with the inherent dangers of Amococo labeled (as I see them):

My biggest (and only) real fear is that it will deflate with me in it. For this reason, I'll be bringing a sword with me so I can cut my way out. One of my friends tried to comfort me by saying, "It might be a beautiful poetic thing to die inside of deflated Amococo." But I don't know, I just don't find that as comforting as he thinks.

I'm pretty excited to check it out though, even with the risks! Next up on my summer goals list: make rock candy. I remember making it as a kid and liking it. I tried some recently and it was awful - my mouth was all swollen from it's rough edges. (But I finished the whole sucker because I'm no quitter.) I want to make it anyway because I remember the process being kinda fun. If I make it, you guys should try it! It's really good, trust me!

Happy Wednesday.


Savd said...

"I got a long you had that problem??" Classic!! I'm listening to it now, and thinking that anyone that knows that song also has seen "Look Who's Talking" and thus, also sees a birth canal when they look at this picture of Amococo! Guess we'll have tales to tell when we finally emerge!! :)

movingluggage said...

I had a giant bouncy castle in my mind when I heard of Amococo

Katherine said...

"I ain't tryin' ta hear dat, see" - pure poetry. Good luck with the bubble maze of death!!! You wouldn't catch me in there. Even with Prancing Leo at my side. Good thinking with the sword, though! Way to be prepared. And I'm not sure about the rock candy - making it is fun, but eating it is painful!! Have fun with it, though!

violet50 said...

Make fudge instead and give it to me!

karajean said...

I'm not even sure what this place is but I am seriously bummed we don't have one in Arizona. Like, how big is it? Does it exist all year round? So so many burning questions!

Liz said...

I just read up on rock candy; it can take up to a week to make. What! I would get too impatient and just go to the store to buy candy.