Monday, June 27, 2011


My friend Sarah says she's going to unfriend me if I don't unfriend 100 friends on Facebook. She claims "there's no way I'm actually friends with all those people." I wanted to tell her she was wrong, and that I'm close, personal friends with every one of my Facebook friends. But I had to admit that occasionally a name pops up in my news feed that I don't recognize, and I have to go to their page to figure out how I know them.

These people usually fit into one of these groups:

1. Friends of my siblings.
2. People I met once or twice.
3. People who read this blog but who I haven't met in real life.
4. People I knew for a summer 7-12 years ago.
5. Friends of friends.
6. Female friends who changed their last name when they got married.

I definitely don't plan on unfriending 100 people, but maybe - maybe - I should unfriend a few? At least a few of the people who fit into those categories listed above (not including #6). But even with that list, it's hard to know exactly who to unfriend, so I came up with a little list to help in the process:

  • People who's names I don't recognize.
  • People who were friends with my sisters while in high school, but who I don't know personally.
  • People who's lives are better than mine (so long, every friend on the list!)
  • Boys who didn't like me back. 
  • People I met once and haven't talked to since. 
  • Ex-crushes who are now married. 
  • Friends I'm kinda ticked off at (you know who you are).
  • Friends who aren't working hard enough to please me.
  • People who's attitudes I don't like. 
  • Friends who aren't cooking/baking enough food for me or buying me enough presents.

Did I leave anything out?

Truth be told, I'm pretty sure I won't unfriend anyone. I mean, what's the harm? The more, the merrier, right? How many Facebook friends is too many, in your opinion? I've seen people with more than 1,000 which seems pretty extreme to me, but is there anything wrong with it? I guess it depends on what you're using Facebook for.

What do you think?


Liz said...

1,000 is really extreme. I have 300/something and that kinda seems like a lot.
I really hope I don't get unfriended.
What's your favorite baked good treat? What kind of jewelry do you like?
You are the most beautiful person I've ever seen, your hair is the color of the sun, your skin is like fresh milk, and everyone loves you.

Katherine said...

I agree with Liz's last paragraph! :) I don't think you'll un-friend me, being your sister and all, but I'll do my best to keep a positive attitude, to bake you more cookies, and to not change my name. Awesome list, though - it made me laugh out loud! I might use it myself...

Elizabeth Downie said...

Liz's last paragraph was the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me and I'm going to tell myself that she meant all of it and wasn't just kissing up as a joke. ;)

brenda hatch said...

Just hide people like I do :)

Heather said...

I have the overwhelming urge to friend request you on FB now!

My best friend has a jillion friends too, but I am confident she knows most of them. I have never seen someone who knows people every where we go like she does.

Angela said...

I unfriend folks who seem to have outgrown me or viseversa. It doesn't happen often, but it happens.

Anonymous said...

haha I deal with this too. I HATE unfriending people, but my friends say I should. I don't have THAT many people on my facebook, but I must admit that I don't know all of them. I know people that get a TON of friend requests and accept all of them even if they don't know them. I think that's weird!

Liz said...

Funny side note that last paragraph in my first comment is a quote from a movie. If you can tell me which movie that quote comes from I won't unfriend you on FB.