Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sneak Attack

It's hard for me not to mess with you guys sometimes. You know, include one of you randomly and unexpectedly  in one of my pictures the way I do with Prancing Leo, or something like that. I wouldn't say your name, but you and I would know it was you.

But then again, one of my friends claimed he stopped reading my blog after I wrote a post about something jerky he did. He's paranoid though because I'm sure I've never written about him.

Or maybe I did.

The point is, I don't think I did that time, but now I kinda want to.

I love messing with my friends - not in a cruel way, just in a teasy way. The problem is, I don't know all of you as well as I know some of you. And some of you, I don't know at all. So maybe you wouldn't think it was funny? Or maybe you would be nervous that I'd feature you? Or maybe it would irritate you if you didn't get the joke? Or maybe you're in hiding?

When it comes to blogging, sometimes I'm not sure which side of myself to feature, so I stick with the same persona - the blog persona. I say some things, but I don't say everything. I cover certain topics excessively (Snuggies, the swine flu, Prancing Leo) and others not at all (the fact that I'm annoyed with aliens, am scared of commitment, and any other opinions that may not be well received {political feelings for example}).

And because I'm writing to a broad-ish audience, I try to write about a variety of topics. But sometimes it feels impersonal.... which is why I like the idea of sneak attacking some of you guys occasionally in a post - most likely by sneaking you in a picture. You know, just basically dragging you down with me. ;)

Part of me thinks it's a creepy thing to do. Another part of me thinks it would be hilarious. I may or may not do it but now's your chance to let me know if you're in the Witness Relocation Program and don't want your picture used. ;)* **

This could be you.

*Your secret's safe with me.
** I used emoticons twice in this post. Not cool.


Katherine said...

Sneak attack me! I would love it! Wait, I think I might have been sneak attacked before... Anyhoo, I think it'd be funny to read more about your anger at aliens and whatnot! Then again, I also love hearing about Snuggies and Prancing Leo, too. Swine flu...well, I'm only so-so. You could stick to the broad topics for the most part, then slip in some good ju-ju from time to time. ;) Yay emoticons!

Maxabillion J said...

What if that is me?!? I like it when you write about me even if it's bad, but that's just because I'm narcissistic .

Kristi Cundiff said...

I would think it is fun, but I don't think you have anything on me? :-)

Elizabeth Downie said...

Kristi...there's always Facebook pictures. ;)

Mark said...

That could very well be a picture of me, with my shirt and trousers removed to show off last summer's tan. I must have been hiding behind the rail for modesty's sake. Thanks for preserving my anonymity by blanking out my face and the My Little Pony tattoo on my right calf.

violet50 said...

This is why I'm going to wear the cloak of invisibility whenever I'm around you from now on. I don't want to see myself in a picture in Hell (Michigan).

NOURNME said...

Not the first time and after this, clearly won't be the last. Good times that day though. We had one Hell Michigan of a time

The Nat Nat said...

I think that would be hilarious!

When you use prancing Leo I always laugh out loud and I LOVE IT.

You are awesome.

Anonymous said...

hahaha you are hilarious and i think this is an awesome idea! DO IT! And you should also link them so people can go and leave them funny comments or something! :)

lizzie mc.- said...

Take your best shot! (I'm sure you'll hit the bull's eye.) Love your friendly jesting!

Liz said...

At least your emoticons are facing the right way.

I am actually in the witness protection program but I am very willing to have my cover blown to be featured in your blog.