Friday, June 3, 2011

YOU get a car! And YOU get a car! And YOU get a car!

Ok, you aren't really going to get a car. I just thought that now that Oprah's show* is over, someone needed to fill the void of giving things away! So while it's true I can't give you a car, you COULD get a necklace, or a new bag, or a hammock and any number of other prizes!

The winner of this giveaway gets a $37.50 gift card (virtual) to use at the online store Novica, in association with National Geographic! Novica sells goods from all over the world so if you are interested in goods from a certain region, you can search the website by region! It's very cool. I ordered a necklace from Thailand and got notification that it was shipped from Thailand the next day. If that package isn't covered in multi-colored stamps when it arrives, I am going to be very disappointed.

I know what you guys are thinking (well, some of you, anyway), "But I won't know what to do if I win!! I'm overwhelmed! I'm never going to use the gift card!!! I'm just not going to enter!" Ok, maybe that's just what I thought when I was first invited to use a giftcard of my very own with Novica. I should have more faith in you all to get less overwhelmed than me. But in case you feel like I did, here are the steps you follow when you find out you won:

1. Cheer a lot! Then maybe praise my name - just a little. Then email me and I'll send you your gift card number.
2. Go to the Novica website and choose what you want to buy.
3. Go to "checkout" and when they ask you for how you want to pay, type in the number that I have sent you and you will get notification that your item was sent!
4. Eagerly check your mailbox/doorstep every day until your package arrives.

So easy!

OK, HERE'S HOW YOU WIN!! First, if you are not already a follower of this blog, become one! (It's easy.) Then, since Novica sells products from all over the world, tell me what are the TOP THREE countries you want to visit!

I think mine would be something like:

*England/Scotland (I am cheating by combining them because they're so close to each other)
*Australia, and....hmm...I can't decide...
*Somewhere in South America. Chile maybe? What about you?

You have until Friday, June 10th to enter! Winner will be chosen at random.

Now enter to win the giveaway and then check out Novica's website! Here are some ideas for things you could purchase with your giftcard. I did all the work for you. :) You don't have to order one of these - they're just ideas of things I thought you'd like!

1. Finger Puppets - trick your kids into thinking your finger's a giraffe! Kids love being tricked!
2. Pearl Cluster ring, which is beautiful and which in retrospect, I wish I had ordered!
3. Cozy Parachute hammock - I want one of these right now! (Also available in blue)
4. Cotton Handbag - OooooOOOo, I wish I had ordered this too!
6. Glass pitcher - perfect for the summer months ahead!

*Interesting fact: I've never seen an episode of Oprah.

Good luck everyone!

Oh, and just like last time, if you re-post this to Twitter or Facebook, you get an extra entry! Just leave me an extra comment to let me know!

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Katherine said...

Oooh, ooh, oooooh! I am SO in. So, here are my top three:
1. UK (see how I was tricky there?)
2. Italy
3. France

Also, your comment on the finger puppets made me think of a Deep Thought...I can't remember it exactly, but it's the one where the guy is going to take his kid to Disney World, but then takes him to an abandoned lot or something and tells him Disney World burned down. HA! And sad. ;)

MMMegan said...

I'm in too! I love giftcards. And I love traveling. It's really hard to think of anywhere I DON'T want to go (seriously... even places I shouldn't, I still want to go to there), so here are my toppish threeish in no particular order...
1. New Zealand
2. Turkey
3. Costa Rica

So. There you go.

Mike said...

Free stuff! How exciting. I hope I win!
3 places I'd like to visit:
1. Australia
2. Ireland/Scotland/England
3. Costa Rica

Savd said...

Ok, I officially love this giveaway!! And like above, I have a VERY hard time narrowing down my list of destinations, but I'll try...
My top three places are:
1) Morocco
2) Japan
3) Canada (beyond Ontario...the Atlantic provinces or the national parks in the western provinces, or the remote parts in the northern regions...)

Lauren Bonney said...

Hmmmmm.... Well, David and I have always wanted to travel. But my top three places? They would have to be:
1. Venice, Italy (a city on water? How cool is that?!)
2. China
and 3. Ireland.

Caitlin said...

My parents drove the family across the Canadian border for five minutes when I was living in Michigan. That lone trip is the ENTIRETY of my international travels. (Did I say that right? Probably not.)

1. Greece. Someplace on the side of a cliff, sprinkled with white buildings looking down on turquoise water.
2. Paris. Purely a food tour thing.
3. Rome. Again, a food thing. They're all food things. It's all about food.

lizzie mc.- said...

1. UK. Andy proposed to me there.
2. Italy. Great food, people, language.
3. Germany. Beautiful. Genealogy.

Liz said...

1. Ireland (yes I've already been there, but it's my favorite country, I want to live there)
2. Egypt
3. France

Savannah Olive said...

Another giveaway? Awesome. I just got the FHE book this week and I LOVE it!! Thank you. :)

3 places I'd love to visit?
1. Germany. It's always intrigued me. And I've got rich German heritage.
2. Ireland. I hear it's gorgeous. And, again, heritage.
3. Peru. Llamas. And remnants of peoples past.

movingluggage said...

Is this an elaborate pyramid scheme? :)

1. Netherlands
2. Spain
3. Germany

Elizabeth Downie said...

If it is, Taylor, I'm sorry! I don't think so though...

Katherine said...

I posted on FB! I am so gonna win this thing!!!

Jessica said...

1. Switzerland
2. Italy
3. Germany

Brady said...

I don't know if you noticed, but you can get sculptures made from car parts on Novica. That's like giving someone a car, Oprah Downie.

Places I'd like to travel to:

1- Thailand
2- Croatia
3- Patagonia (Southern Argentina and Chile)

I considered putting Twitter down. That's got to be a very interesting country. :D

Brady said...

I tweeted. :D

{jaclyn} said...

oooo fun. as of the moment they are:

1. italy
2. france
3. greece

they are always changing...

Savd said...

I also posted it to Facebook...parachute hammock, come to momma!! :)

Sandy said...

this is exciting! i want to visit:
1. chile/argentina (cheating, like you, because they're close)
2. egypt
3. netherlands

The Nat Nat said...

YAY! I love giveaways!

1. Chile
2. Greece
3. Japan

Ru said...

So cool! Greece, Israel and India.

Heidi said...

Okay I totes have a LIST for all this!!

1. Italy. Bam. History.
2. Switzerland. There's a place called Heidiland....
3. Somewhere south that has a beach and pretty reefs.

There we go :).

Stephanie Curtis said...

So as I hope you know I have followed/stalked you for a long time.(jk) but now I am an official follower.

And I want to go to
1. Italy
2. Costa Rica
3. New Zealand

Mary Burnette said...

Too fun!
1. England (find dead and living relatives.
2. Switzerland
3. Costa Rica

Christi said...

Hmm, the three I would want to visit? That is so tough! I'd say (in no particular order)

1. Italy
2. Australia (or maybe New Zealand)
3. Brazil

I want to spread my visits over multiple continents, but really, anywhere would be awesome!

Emily said...

So hard to decide, but easier because I wish I were on vacation right now.
1.French Polynesia (Bora Bora, Bali, Tahiti, I'll take them all)
2.Ireland (only if it includes meeting a hot man in the middle of the country)
3.Czech Republic (I want to go to Prague)

karajean said...

Why haven't I entered this yet?

Let's see

Top 3
- Italy
- Spain
- Thailand

P.S. I am listening to the song from your playlist post as I type this and I think it is fantastic- in an obnoxious sort of way! I like!

Liz said...

Wait, you've never seen an episode of Oprah?! I thought it was required by law to watch that show.