Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday Thoughts

This is going to be a true Wednesday Thoughts, in the sense that you can expect no connectivity from one item to the next. In fact, I think I will number each thought, so that when you start on a new paragraph, you don't think, "what the H!? She was talking about sardines and now she's talking about rainbows!?" Though, just to be clear, I don't plan on talking about either of those topics. Not this week anyway.

Let's begin.

1. What is it about freshly fallen snow that makes you just want to fall backwards into it? I've felt that urge many times this winter. I've resisted so far because I remember, from doing that many, many times as a kid, that when you fall backwards into snow, you end up laying in snow. Which is wet. And cold. That's probably why people started doing snow angels, really. They couldn't resist the call of the snow, but once there, realized they'd better keep moving or they'd freeze.

2. I realized recently that I haven't cried in a long time. Maybe a tear or two has welled up in my eyes from time to time, but I haven't cried. And I have to admit, I miss the catharsis of it. I think most of the women reading (and some of the men, though they'd never admit it) will relate to what I'm saying.

I've thought about watching a sad movie to force a cry but not really sure I should push it. My 100% guaranteed-to-make-me-cry movie is Little Women. What's yours?

3. I'd like to get a tablet to go with my PC but know very little about them. Do any of you use one? Do you have any recommendations?

4. I turned against winter this week. I've been surprisingly tolerant of winter this year, but yesterday I was fed up. I think it was the wind. The wind that crosses over the snow, reaching out its tentacles and grabbing some of the snow's cold as it passes over, then hits me full force, cutting through my coat and many layers of clothing. It's cold. So, so cold. (And don't give me this "it's been nice lately." Giving us short reprieves is one of winter's little tricks. Plus, it's still cold. Sorry, I can't be talked out of this.)

5. I made a winter themed blog header to replace my Valentine's header but had to change it quickly after winter punched me in the face yesterday, in case you were wondering where it went. Hopefully winter and I will get on good terms again, since we have awhile to go yet! I think it's time to get out the winter survival kit.

And on that note,

Happy Wednesday!


Katherine said...

Oh, man - I love this line: "when you fall backwards into snow, you end up laying in snow." HA! SO funny! It was fun times, though, laying in the snow as a kid. I keep meaning to throw on my snow pants and build some snow-tastic. Unfortunately, I turned on winter last December, so, I'm with you! It needs to am-scray. (Love the subtitle on the snowman!!)

Little Women is also my go-to cry movie. Sigh! Oh, Lorrie, and Beth!! *Sob*

Oh, and I love the new header! It makes me so happy!!!

Anonymous said...

The Color Purple makes me cry everytime.

I have no suggestions for the laptop and I don't fall back in snow anymore. The last time I did it the snow wasn't as deep as it looked and I knocked the wind out of my sails.

Today's Gift said...

Steel Magnolias makes me cry, but it does have awesome quotes.

Anonymous said...

Where the Red Fern Grows and Pay it Forward make me cry.

Sarah said...

Read "The Notebook" for a powerful weep-fest. :) I'll loan you my copy!

Nick said...

I would wait on a tablet, if you can, for the next three to six months. There are many new developments in tablets especially if you are thinking about an Ipad a new one should be announced by the end of march. As far as a "good cry" my wife says the I am much more emotional than her. The ASPCA commercials get me all the time. I don't like it or find it as a catharsis but maybe that is because I am a Man.

Christi said...

I cried the other day at the grocery store because I saw an older man (maybe 70) buying a huge valentines card for his wife. So yeah...I don't have your problem. :)

Angie said...

Elizabeth, I LOVE your blog. I just spent all of naptime looking over recent blog posts that I have missed. Seriously, you have such a wonderful way with words and wit. I'm glad I finally added you to my bloglist so I can check on a regular basis and therefore be a little bit more productive during naptime... although your blog is way more entertaining than laundry of course!!

Brady said...

I've only heard good things about Wacom tablets. My brother-in-law uses one (or possibly two) and loves it.

Melissa C said...

I don't know anything about tablet pcs, other than I think one would be really cool too, but I am not excited about the learning curve, as I don't even have an iTouch or anything fun like that. I have a desktop that is my only internet. Lame and 90s, I know. I must be super old, right, to think this way? Blech.

Bejamin Button makes me cry. Also, 8 below. We own them both and I hate to watch them knowing I will cry at the end.

D said...

You want the tablet to use with your PC and not the little internet tablets like the Ipad/touch or whatever? I've heard good things about the Wacom brand too.

My husband wants one of the tablet PCs and ge is waiting for the new motorla one with the android OS to come out. I think that's all the right terms? His thing not mine. :) He's anti Apple cause of it's elitist branding style (nothing against the product itself actually just against the price and the fan frenzy)

Liz said...

So many movies make me cry, too many to name.