Friday, February 11, 2011

Scantrons ready?

I've had a few things on my mind lately that I've been wanting to ask you all about! So instead of writing out an entire blog post for each question, I thought I'd make a little "quiz" (ish) to find out what you all think about these questions. I know some of you have midterms coming up in a couple weeks - don't let that scare you away from this quiz! It'll be easy and painless, I promise.

So go ahead and pull up the comment form now so you can answer as you go.

Pencils ready?

1. A poll was done in Michigan recently to find out if people from Michigan prefer to be called Michiganders or Michiganians. The poll found that most prefer Michigander. This has been a debate in Michigan my entire life and I doubt it will end any time soon. Which do you prefer?

A. Michigander
B. Michiganian
C. Other (Fill in the blank)

2. A movie is coming out this weekend called Gnomeo and Juliet. I can't decide if it looks amusing or awful, though my initial response was a furrowed brow. Do you want to see it?

A. Yes
B. No
C. Not enough money in the world to make me see that movie.

3. Valentine's Day is Monday! Are you going to:

A. Celebrate it happily
B. Acknowledge it in my own way
C. Pretend it's not happening
D. Actively and aggressively hate it

Extra Credit:

Several people have asked me lately where the "must visit" places are in Michigan. So to my Michigaxxxxx (people from Michigan) friends, what do you think? (If you're not from Michigan and you want the extra credit*, you can tell us a good place to visit where you live.)

A. Mackinac Island
B. Ludington
C. Sleeping Bear Dunes
D. Detroit
E. Other (fill in the blank)

*Extra credit points go toward nothing, since there are no right or wrong answers, so don't strain yourself.


D said...

2. no- looks a little creepy from that cover
3. B
EC C. Though all that you listed are pretty dang cool.

Brady said...

1 - A (Michigander)
2 - B
3 - B (possibly C, we'll see when we get there)

Extra Credit - E - Frankenmuth

Claire said...

I don't really feel qualified to answer the first, as I'm not from Michigan...

I have no desire to see Gnomeo and Juliet, but I'll probably end up seeing it anyway at the dollar theater with the family.

I don't know if this counts as B or C, but I have part of a group project due on Feb 15. Everyone in my group is single, so we were like, "Eh, screw it, we'll work on it Monday." We are, however, making the only guy in our group bring us chocolate. :)

Mark said...


E = Marquette & Lake Superior

Christi said...


Sara said...

A B B and all of the above. I have to say Detroit though and anywhere along a great lake would be top priority.

Melanie said...

2.D: depends on if people say it's good after seeing it. I had never heard of it before, so I watched the trailer, and it looked ok.

EC: All of the above and Tahquamenon Falls State Park, Traverse City Cherry Festival, Holland Tulip Festival ... Lake Michigan in general

Emily said...

1. A, because every time someone says it, it makes me think of a flock of geese.

2. B, because there are other, better movies (with Channing Tatum) that could be watched instead.

3. C, because I am on campus from 10 am until 8 pm so I don't have time to recognize it.

4. I am from Utah, thus, you should visit me there. My favorite place in the world is at Brighton Girls Camp, it is literally at the top of the mountains, next to Brighton Ski Resort. We call it Gods' Summer Home.

Sarah said...

1) A: Michigander, loud and proud
2) B: Might rewatch "Letters To Juliet" instead!
3) C: Bury my head in the sand :)
EC) A, and E - Ann Arbor!! :)

Heather said...

1. b- michiganian sounds so cool. Michigander sounds uncool. Sorry.
2.a- I saw a really long preview and it looked alright.
3.b- I got the kids some candy boxes and we made some decorations. That's about it.
4. F(all of the above). Plus tecumseh with our appleumpkin festival..woohoo! Also-hell,mi.

Katherine said...

1. C - Michigandanian - a compromise of the two.

2. C - except that maybe enough money could...

3. E - all of the above. Its a very mood-altering holiday for me.

EC - Also all of the above, with Ludington being el numero uno place to go and spend as much of the summer as you possibly can. Then make your way up to the Sleeping Bear Dunes, then on to Mackinac, and tour through the U.P. a bit before ending up back down in the D. (I'm trying to embrace calling it that.) I think I'd add Grand Rapids to the list, too, though - lots of great museums and restaurants to check out!!!

Melissa C said...

1-A, 2, B, 3-A/B...Does it count as celebrating it happily if we have to take our kids with us on our date? EC- All of the above, maybe Holland, I agree with Ann Arbor that was suggested too, even though I am a Buckeye. It is a cool city.

Sui Sin Far said...

1. Michigander
2. No-I live on an island
3. Sure-I scored a flat rate box of spices and boxes :)
4. There's a metropark that's amazing near Detroit--I'll try and think of its name.

Heather said...

A. - My daughter and I are really looking forward to it.
B. Husband will be gone so I will be celebrating the kids and the traditional Valentine pancakes.

When you are in Houston you should visit the downtown nightlife. I don't really know. I don't get out much.

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

1. I was born in Michigan! Although, I now live in Pennsylvania. I prefer A. :)

2. B, I'm not really into animated movies.

3. A! My boyfriend and I are making cupcakes and watching "Valentines Day" the movie. We are basically cheese.

4. E. We lived right outside of Detroit and we always went to some big lake that was only a few minutes away. I don't know exactly which lake though, so that's not really helpful. But lakes are nice, right? haha. :)
Happy weekend!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Kate said...

1.A. Michigander
2.B. probably not but I haven't seen too much about it.
3.B. acknowledge it in my own way, this includes lots of chocolate
EC.D. Detroit...but sadly I don't get out of AA much. So I'm not sure. Sleeping Bear Dunes sound really fun though.

AB said...

Michiganian and yes I was born and raised there.

Gno to Gnomeo

Celebrate it happily

Must visit: Detroit, Marquette, Traverse City, Bear Dunes

Joe D said...

Let's see..
1) A. Michigander all the way. I've never known it to be anything different.
2) B. It just doesn't have enough new elements to it for me to be interested. It's like Shrek meets Toy Story. Meh.
3) C/D. I will pretend it's not happening until someone makes a comment about it, then I will grumble and growl about it.
EC) A/C. Mackinac Island was a ton of fun the last time I went. But so were the Dunes. Kind of depends on your company though.

Amy said...

This is a way out-of-date comment, but this was on the website when I went there this evening to settle a Scattergories debate about the meaning of the word notorious:

(Sadly, even the dictionary couldn't thwart my sister-in-law's attempt to classify Abraham Lincoln as notorious. So I'm a little miffed with, but the article was still kind of interesting, and mentions that same poll.)

Liz said...

Michigander just sounds better, it rolls off the tongue.
I saw gnomeo and Juliet but I slept through most of it, so I guess it wasn't that great. My favorite Michigan places were Mackinac and Detroit, whom I kidding I loved everywhere in Michigan.