Sunday, February 13, 2011

I Like You

One of the things people hate about Valentine's Day is the pressure to find a Valentine. Well, I'm here to help - I'll be your Valentine! But just for the day, don't go getting any ideas.

In fact, I already wrote you a Valentine's Day card. So go ahead, print it out, and enjoy the day free of that Charlie Brown feeling. If the chocolates and flowers I ordered for you don't make it to you today, blame it on the postal service, not me. 

So here's my card to you. Yep, just you. Enjoy! And don't worry if you hate Valentine's Day because guess what Tuesday is? The day after Valentine's Day! We're almost there. Now because I know we each have our own style when it comes to Valentine's, I will give you two options and you can choose which you think suits you better. Just know that whichever card you choose, I mean it from the bottom of my heart. Happy Valentine's Day!


AB said...

Clever! I like it.
I used to panic to find a Valentine and if I was successful it always turned out to be a toxic choice in the end.
Have a great day tomorrow. scorpion read the post.

alecia said...

Dear AB, Scorpions are one of the many reasons I have a private blog...Dear Elizabeth, thank you for making me laugh so much week after week!

Katherine said...

Aw, thanks! That makes my life so much easier. :) I'm flattered you'd make me such a personal card. So sweet!!

Ashley said...

Haha...this is so great! Happy Valentine's Day, Elizabeth!

Anonymous said...

Do I get a virtual kiss too ?
This is too cool. I was ready to hate the day but now is all better.

An admirer from the distance. ;)

Mark said...

Dear Elizabeth,

Thanks for the valentine. I will beeee yours, meaning I'll use the color printer at work to make a copy I can put up on my refrigerator. I like the other card too, but it would exhaust the red ink cartridge. And hey, I do send you gifts. Every time I see someone from Ann Arbor, I tell them to give you a hug from me.

I've never know which of the X's and O's are hugs and which are kisses. Appending just one set of letters looks wrong.

XXX - is this something naughty?
OOO - or did I stub my toe?