Thursday, February 17, 2011

Featured Comments

You guys crack me up. In fact, people often tell me, "your blog is funny, but the comments are even better."

First of all, ouch. But secondly, it's true. Your comments are awesome. So I decided to try out a "featured" wall for awhile where I showcase some of the comments that made me laugh out loud. I'll rotate them through as I add new ones. So far there's just one posted because I started with the most recent post. But don't worry, more will be added with time.

Don't be hurt if your comment isn't up there. I love all my kids the same, I promise.*

So head over the right column and check back for updates!

*Ew. I don't think of any of you as my kids, for the record. That would be weird. Also for the record, I don't have any kids.


Christi said...

I don't believe parents who say they love all of their kids the same. Everyone in my family knows who the favorite is (nope, not me), even though my parents both deny it.

Ashley said...

Limequat's comment is pretty much cool, original, funny, Et Cetera.

Limequat said...

Woohoo, I'm famous for now! Glad I could make you laugh, Elizabeth!

Heather said...

I actually do love all my kids the same. Sometimes one or the other will drive me crazy, but I really do love them the same.
I love this new idea,btw. I wonder if peoples comments will be a bit cookier(that's supposed to say cew-key-er..but I have no idea how to spell it).

Katherine said...

My life has new purpose.

Anonymous said...

If I start posting about " 'beard hairs' on chests" again will I win a place in the best comments??

Sui Sin Far said...


Mark said...

I had a discussion last Sunday with the boys I teach about a comment made in church, "God loves Jesus the most of all His children." My class disagreed and said that God loves all of us the same.

So there's the ideal. A perfect parent will love all their kids the same.

I don't have any kids that I know of, but I imagine that it's hard not to prefer the company of the child who helps with the dishes over the ones who are screaming in the bathtub or setting the cat on fire.

Anonymous said...

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