Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday Thoughts

The following is a typical conversation I have when telling a friend about a guy I'm crushing on:

Me: He's such a great guy. Really nice and cute too (sorry, I know guys hate being called cute, but I refuse to stop saying it behind your backs).
Friend: What does he look like?
Me: He's yea high, brown hair, etc, etc....
Friend: What color are his eyes?
Me: Hmmm... Um.... brown? Uh... I have no idea.

I just don't really notice eyes. Unless they really stand out for some reason - like I'm pretty sure I would notice if I were going out with a cyclops or a guy who wore an eye patch. So what do I notice? It's gotta be hair. It doesn't have to be thick and lustrous for me to like it or notice it. I was once involved with a guy who was mostly bald so he shaved his head, and I loved it. My point is just that for some reason I notice hair more than other features.  What is the thing you notice when you find someone attractive? I'm talking above the neckline, guys.

This is fresh on my mind because I'm getting my hair done today, and I can't wait. Similar to getting my eyebrows done, getting my hair done makes me feel like a new woman. Do men ever feel that way about a haircut? Somehow I doubt it.

Ok: second thought for the day: what are some websites/blogs you find entertaining? Several blogs I love have ended for whatever reason recently and I need some new ones to check when I'm bored. What are some of your favorites?

Today I also need to address something important: I have been accused of being a (gasp) Justin Bieber fan since I blogged about possibly seeing his movie on my snow day. For the record, I'm not a fan, though I'm also not not a fan (follow that?). I'm neutral. I know little to nothing about the kid except a few lines from a few of his songs, and the fact that he's from Canada. But I think the movie has to be awesome/hilarious/worth the matinee price. For purely sociological reasons. Right? I know you're judging me right now, but there's really nothing you can do to stop me from seeing this movie.

Here's my last thought for the day, and I know you're tired of hearing about it. It's about my favorite slash not favorite topic: snow. I - I can't deal with it any more. And more is coming tomorrow. About half a foot is predicted, which means it'll probably be more than that... (picture me with a blank stare right now). I'm thinking about forming a snow support group. Anyone want to join?

This is what the snow brings. I took this picture yesterday. Luckily, this is not my car, though I was one of the lucky few who didn't get stuck. A team of coworkers went outside after work with shovels to help dig each other's cars out. Is winter almost done yet? And yes, that is a tear in my eye.

I'm almost done complaining about the snow. I promise. For the record, the snow started it.

Happy Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

I know you said to keep it above the neckline but the first thing I notice on a girl are her shoes. and legs :)

I do notice hair and I have seen your curly hair and I I agree with your grandmother; I like the curls.

An admirer from the distance. ;)

LyndaG said...

I want to join your snow support group!

Katherine said...

Justin Bieber is form CANADA??? How did I not know this??? Even as a neutral "fan" like yourself, it feels like I would've known that. Guess that means I really have to see the movie now. For educational purposes.

After a sort of general appraisal of the facial features, I tend to look at hands first on a guy. I think hands tell a lot about a person and have more sway over me than eyes, too (initially). I think after hands I look at smile. :)

I would love to be in a snow support group. "Hi, I'm Katherine, and snow is killing my soul." I would cry about it, but the tears would freeze, so I go into denial instead.

Oh, and snow told me YOU started it, so...

Heather said...

Can we get an AMEN!! AAMMMMEENNN!!! I am hearing you on the snow/ice/death of me. We have not had power in our house for 55 hours. The temp in the house is 34, I keep praying the pipes won't burst, and now i find out it's supposed to be 5 degrees with more snow coming. I mean, seriously?!?! Winter is dead to me.

I think the beebs get's a bad name sometimes. He's just a kid who sings, who ever little girl is in love with...the end. Paige got a beiber valetines card and she got tape and hung it up on her wall. She only knows about him b/c her best friend has a "ken"doll of him.

I notice eyes a lot. Expecially if their blue or green. I guess I notice hair second. I really like smiles though too.But eyes are 1st.

Brady said...

Really? More snow? Why can't it end? Why? I'm coming to your support group and I'm bringing my blue light. That way we can pretend we are somewhere where there isn't snow and where the light is for some reason really bright and also blue.

Brady said...

And to your other point, blogs that entertain me:
The Happiness Project (I know, broken record...)

Lifehacker (Nerd alert)

Boing Boing (Happy Mutant alert)

Heather said...

I don't really notice hair unless it is red. I love redheads.
Smile is good, but vlice is what gets me. Sorry. I know that doesn't count as a facial feature. I am a dork.

Mark said...

If your face was a picture, your hair would be the frame. The first thing I notice are the eyes, then how you smile. If you have a moustache, I pretend not to notice because half the people I've met don't like compliments on their facial hair.

Yes, Elizabeth, my eyes are brown.

Heidi said...

Are you kidding me?! We are actually supposed to get more snow?! Honestly why can't it end? I have to leave the state to get away from it and I don't particularly want to leave right now.

On the first note, I TOTALLY feel you on the eyes. I look at people it's just not something I notice about them. (there are exceptions of course) The first thing I notice is probably height and then just facial features in general. But I have to concentrate to remember eye color.

Amy said...

It actually makes me really happy to hear that I'm not alone on the eyes thing. I make eye contact all the time, and in fact good, non-creepy eye contact can really make me swoon in the right person. But for some reason I just never process color. I could probably make it all the way to the altar without knowing the color of my husband's eyes. (That would be a really embarrassing failure in the bubblegum-question bridal shower game.)

justin said...

I'm horrible at eye contact until I get to know the person, so eye color is not the first thing I notice either. It took me awhile to figure out you have pink eyes Elizabeth.

I'm not going to comment on Justin Bieber because you know how I feel about him.

You have *another* hair appointment??!!! jk :P

Sui Sin Far said...

Are you talking about my brother?!

Elizabeth Downie said...

Haha, no I'm not talking about your brother, though that description fits him too.

Joe D said...

To be honest, the first thing that I notice about a woman is her poise and presence. A woman exudes many things about her personality in the way she carries herself, whether that be grace and confidence or clumsy and self-concerned, you can usually tell within the first few moments of their walking into a room. Though, I'm not saying either is better. I have met some adorable women who were quite shy, and some horrible women with all the grace and confidence in the world.
PS. Guys do feel that way about haircuts, especially if they are drastic ones.

mburnette1750 said...

The eye's have it. 2nd has to be the smile for me. I love funny guys. I'm in for the group, let me know the date and time!

Maxabillion J said...

Above the neckline? Hmmm, how about the neck? I like a good neck. And collarbone...(That whole comment sounds really weird.) Oh, eyes too, though I rarely remember eye color. (That really is weird. How can I like eyes if I never remember the color?)

Gabriel Velazquez said...

Well I have to agree with the snow. I know it is not good. Otherwise heaven will keep it. So about the guy, I got 3 solutions for that problem, #1. Go with the guy code, make it up. More people who ask you which color are their eyse just want an answer. So it usually work. There are keys about that too, if he is from the middle east most likely will be brown, if he is american green or blue. So follow your heart. #2, Blame it that you are not understanding the question since you don't know english. That always work for me. 3. Make a goal to look in the people eyes when you met them. Knowing me I will forget 5 min after the goal is made. That is why I am going with number 1.
Last guys we are as self concious as girls we just don't talk about it.

AE Jones said...

I notice hair and teeth. I'm dating a guy right now who is going bald so he shaves his head and I LOVE it. He looks great with it. He also has nice teeth - but if a guy doesn't have nice teeth, I notice.

Liz said...

Bieber is so full of himself. Yuck.