Monday, February 21, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

Today is a day where I need your help making decisions.

The first one is this: I recently won a blog header design competition for The Singles Ward blog. I'm really flattered because they had hundreds of entries.*

Part of my prize for winning was a bottle of cologne one of the writers of that blog uses. What should I do with it? One friend said I should have a competition on my blog where I give it away (haha). What do you think?

Now onto decision number 2:

As you know (I'm not trying to rub it in), I have a snow day today. I have several things I need to get done today, but I also have some time to kill. Here are some of the options I have for those spare moments today:

Which should I choose? 

1. Snuggle up with the dog I'm currently dog-sitting and just chill.
2. Play in the snow (I've already spent far too much time today shoveling it and digging out my car).
3. See the Justin Bieber movie: Never Say Never.
4. Catch up on my Lifetime Movies.

What do you think?

*That part is not true.


Crystal said...

I took my 4 year old to see Never Say Never the other day ... it was his idea, although I was secretly excited because I like JB too! Anyway, it was actually a really good movie!

Christi said...

Definitely a combination of 1 and 4. Sounds like a perfect snow day!

Brian said...

From now on you need to refer to him as NBA All-Star Celebrity Game MVP ( Although he was no doubt helped by the votes of millions of tween girls that comprise Bieber nation, I watched a little of the game and was actually surprised by some of the moves he pulled off.

P.S. Phil from Modern Family was one of his assistant coaches.

Mark said...

Save the cologne bottle. When a guy picks you up for a date, ask him to take a whiff. Make judgement decisions based on his response.

Do #2, then #1 and #4 simultaneously. Add hot chocolate if the dog doesn't mind sharing.

Melissa C said...

Mark's order of things to do is great. You don't need Justin Bieber.

Not sure what you should do with the cologne. If it is a good one, you could gift it to someone you like, if it is a bad one, white elephant maybe? The giveaway could be fun too.

Katherine said...

Bie-BER, Bie-BER! Wait, you have to wait and see it with me! For purely research-oriented purposes, of course. I hope you've been doing #1 and #4, though, and pretending the snow never happened.

Emily said...

Anonymously send that cologne to someone you know (like a neighbor) with a scandalous note.

Also, Lifetime movies all the way!

Ashley said...

Congrats on winning the blog header contest!

TheSinglesWard said...

You won?

Tess said...

I know I am late . . . but I think you could do #s 1 and 2 together (although instead of snuggling with the doggie, it would be playing with the doggie . . . great fun!) and then do #s 1 and 4 together. And if you want to skip FHE, you could throw in #3 . . . all four in one day . . . yippee. But I would probably leave out the #3 and just stay around home. #4 would involve dressing somewhat decently and maybe putting on make-up . . . as would FHE . . . skip it!

Tess said...

I forgot . . . doing #s 1 and 2 together would necessitate drying the dog before you do #s 1 and 4 together . . . no smell like a wet dog smell! But doggies like being dried off . . . at least some of them do.

~ Malissa ~ said...

I think I am one of the only non-Bieber fans that exists and still wants to see that admitting anything more. Anyway, I hope you did ALL of those things today! And cologne...depends on what kind it is. If it's a really good smelling cologne, you should keep it for your next boyfriend. If it's so so, definitely do the contest. If it's gross, you should send something just as gross to the singlesward folk.

Liz said...

First you save the cologne and spray it on your pillow, that way when you sleep you can imagine that you have a handsome fella next to you. Second, anytime you get a chance to watch lifetime movies you do it.