Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Night

My Super Bowl experience tonight straddled two parties - both were full of friends I love and lots of delicious food. Here are some of the highlights:

1. I learned what  a down is. For real.

2. My friend, Jordan, beat the levels of Angry Birds that I hadn't been able to beat on my phone.

3. I saw the first third of the game in Spanish for some inexplicable reason.

4. I heard the following conversation:
Jim: So is American Idol any good this season?
Adam: No one knows. There's no way to know for sure.

5. I got proposed to (not a real proposal - it was a proposal based solely on how good the cookies I made were). Still counts though.

6. I saw the most amazing commercial. Not the Darth Vader one, though that one was amazingly cute, but the "Imported from Detroit" one. When this commercial came on, the room slowly started quieting down as everyone recognized familiar places. We rewound it and watched it again and the second time through, the room was dead silent as everyone took it in. Detroit is an amazing city and that commercial was one of the definite highlights of the night.

Here are a few pictures from tonight followed by the commercial. Check it out!

(The last picture is my friend rubbing his eyes after playing Angry Birds for two hours.)


Katherine said...

YAY DETROIT! I love that city and am excited about that commercial. I mean, Eminem's...ya know...whatev. But it's nice for him to represent! Sounds like you had quite the night! Football in Spanish, a proposal, Angry Birds... And that conversation about American Idol is hilarious! Sounds like a great evening!

AB said...

Angry birds!!! Two hours??? Wow! I was the only one touched by the Eminem commercial at the party we went to.

Brian said...

This hit me almost like a Pure Michigan ad - I swelled with Detroit pride.

NOURNME said...

I'm "Person B" and I'm awesome. Thanks for winning for a while.

Elizabeth Downie said...

haha, Adam, I just changed it so it has your names in it. I had fun "winning" at your party. I'm just glad I didn't stick around long enough to turn into a comfort lady. ;)

Maxabillion J said...

I thought the ad was incredibly well put together, cheapened only by the fact that they tried to pass off the 200C as a luxury car. If they had stopped at 1:23 and left it as an ad for Detroit and the American auto industry, it would have been perfect.

Amy said...

I'm not good at paying attention to sports on TV so I was playing a game on my Kindle when the Detroit commercial came on and I didn't catch what was happening until my music swelled at the end and Eminem said "This is the Motor City." Then I realized I'd just missed something awesome, and then my siblings said, "Eminem and a gospel choir? Seriously? That was the stupidest commercial ever!" I wanted to tell them why it was not the stupidest commercial ever, but I couldn't since I had missed the first 9/10 of it.

Thanks for re-posting the commercial. Watching the whole thing gave me Michigan-pride goosebumps.

violet50 said...

I watched the whole game in English and almost missed the Chrysler commercial. I wanted to see it again so thanks for including it. And---you know what a down is now. Increable!

Sandy said...

true story: at the end of the detroit commercial, i broke the silence in the room by saying, "i have goosebump." people laughed, assuming i was joking. i wasn't. it was so awesome.

Melissa C said...

LOVED this commercial. I seriously started to tear up today when I hear the audio version of it as an intro to the full "Lose yourself" song. It has sort of been my mantra for my training right now (I have the clean version on my itunes), and I am bummed that I not trying to qualify for Boston in Detroit, but dearborn instead. Maybe I will have to come up and run it just for fun. Detroit is very special to me, as I worked there as my first assignment, and not just in the outskirts, but IN DETROIT, I-94 and Vandyke, a mile or so south of 7 mile. Yeah, I took 8 mile home from work one day just because it was an easy direct and "scenic" route to avoid construction.

elliespen said...

Yeah, the reason my husband and I both passed the bar last summer was 25% hard work and study and 75% the fact that we hadn't discovered Angry Birds yet. (And I remember that level and I HATED it.)