Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday Thoughts

I know I usually focus on single people issues in this blog - but today I have something for both the single and the paired off. In fact, I have two things for the paired off (you guys put up with a lot of single talk, so I owe you). So without further ado,

The Single Talk
Is it possible to cross over from friendship into a dating relationship? This is an age old question, of course. The main thing people are quick to point out is the possibility of ruining the friendship, of course. But I think the biggest problem is reading the signals (friendship shmendship). Years ago I had a huge crush on a guy friend of mine and assumed he did not feel the same way. I was wrong, but only found out when it was too late. Neither of us knew the other felt the same way! What a waste. So that's my question this week - anyone have any experience with this? I've talked with friends about this over the years but I don't think I've ever talked about it in this forum before.

The other question that goes along with this is: how do you avoid getting in the friend zone in the first place? I've heard a few theories on this over the years but thought I'd ask what you guys think. I need to know so that the next time I meet a cool guy I don't ruin things by giving him a friendship bracelet prematurely.

And now some stuff for the couples! I have two products to share with you this week. And I should warn you, they're both disturbing, but for different reasons.

Product #1
Cuddle Spray - This one is pretty sneaky. Think your boyfriend/husband isn't cuddly enough? Spray them with some cuddle spray and let the spooning begin! This scientific formula makes a man more like a woman, which I guess makes them want to cuddle more (I'm a little fuzzy on the science). Click here for more info. Would you let your man know you were using this on him? Or would you trick him? This product upsets me a little bit, but not as much as the one I'm about to share...

Product #2
The Better Marriage Blanket - To introduce this product, I'll start with the first line in its commercial:

"It's the problem in the marriage bed that no one likes to talk about. Maybe that's why they call it 'silent but deadly.'"

Oh boy. I'm already starting to regret bringing this one up. I like to think my blog is above this. That having been said, I felt that I just had to share this amazing product with you guys. But because I refuse to say the F word in this blog (the other F word), I'm going to let the commercial do the talking:

If you were getting married, which would you rather receive as a wedding gift?

Happy Wednesday!

PS - There's something wrong with Blogger today and the "comment" button keeps disappearing. Check back later (or refresh a few times) and it should be back!


Katherine said...

"Flatulence molecules!!!" HA!!!! Oh, man! I think I'd rather get the cuddle spray... I mean, how would it feel to get the BMB?! Sort of insulting, I think!! Hilarious!

As for the friend/dating deal, I'm waiting for the answers...I have none myself! I know Joey on "Friends" certainly wanted to have what Chandler and Monica had and yet it eluded him. What to do?!

Sara said...

I'd definitely prefer the cuddle spray. And I think I would let him know, and make a joke of the whole thing.

As for the friends first thing, it worked for me. I don't have a lot of other experience in this department so from my point of view, friends to lovers is the best of transitions. I wouldn't skip over that bit.

Pollz said...

That Better Marriage Blanket commercial was hilarious! Thanks for sharing!

Kathy said...

A friend of mine used to work for a patent company. She said this guy came in once with lead lined underwear. The idea was that you could "foo-foo" wherever you needed to, and the underwear would trap the evidence. I wonder if he invented that blanket too? If he did, he has some MAJOR issues.

brenda hatch said...

I don't like the whole friend thing at first. I liked how Don and I went on a few dates and then officially started dating like a week later :) So much less stress!!! It's the best way to go. Well, for me it was!

Don needs one of those blankets lol

Heather said...

That blanket is awful and hi-larious at the same time. I wonder if it would still work if your spouse tried to tunnel fart you (pull the blanket over your head and then fart) I would hope it would catch some of the

The spray seems a little weird. Why would you want your husband to be more like a woman? Really. Weird.

sterlingandbrandi said...

Why is the Better Marriage Blanket so expensive??!! It would be the most hilarious joke present, but for 120 bucks?

Robin said...

Friends that turn into relationships actually do make the best relationships. I have had it happen twice. Unfortunately, they didn't work out ultimately (and the friendship didn't survive it), but they are both ~ by far ~ the best relationships I have ever been in. One of my best friends married a good friend from high school. They never dated during high school, but always secretly liked one another. They met up again after college and started dating and are now very happily married. I can't speak on the married stuff since I am divorced and not in a relationship, but the video was hilarious. Very expensive blanket but FUNNY video.

Datin'Kait said...

Cuddle spray. I can't get enough cuddling.

But I wouldn't want it if it makes men so feminine that he starts to whine like a little girl.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, you write the best blog, ha, ha, ha. Where do you come up with this stuff? Smiles. I think a wife should get the flatulent blanket if they need should never, ever be given as a gift if you ask me. It is a little sneaky (but it's up against the gas blanket) but cute sneaky so I'd give the cuddle spray.

Hey isn't friendship always the initial goal before things get complicated? Sorry you and your "friend" missed the boat..but there are a lot more out in the sea so take heart.

Heather said...

The blanket is hilarious. As for the cuddle spray.....have they tested it to make sure it won't lead to me having to spray my husband with mace?? Sometimes I just want to sleep!!

Robin said...

I tagged you on my HERE'S TO YOU THURSDAY blog. I hope you like your footage:-)

Sarah said...

Anytime they compare a blanket to "what the military uses to protect against chemical weapons," I'm a little hesitant about owning it. :)

I like the idea of "friends first" because it makes the whole courtship last longer, and that's such a fun part!! :)

Letherton said...

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Liz said...

I'd be interested in knowing if the cuddle spray causes any negative side effects.