Monday, May 31, 2010


I've had many crushes in my life. I pretty much love crushes - they make life more fun. But some crushes are better than others. For your entertainment, here's a condensed glossary:

The bored crush
"I'm not really into him but it's nice to have someone to look forward to seeing."
In a pinch, this guy'll do. Until someone else comes along. This is usually a guy you already know, who you now see in a new light. Why have I never noticed him before?, you wonder. Two weeks later you forget you had a crush on him.

The temporary crush
"I get a contact high when I'm around him but the next day the feelings are gone."
This guy's ok but he doesn't interest you enough for you to really have a crush on him. The day you see him, you feel all giggly but the next day when someone mentions him, you say, "who?"

The "wrong" crush
"He is so wrong for me, but I can't help myself."
This guy either has issues or he dated your friend. Either way, you shouldn't like him. But you can't help yourself.

The bad self esteem crush
"I thought I was cute before but now I think I'm fat."
This guy makes you question your self esteem. Either he's super hot, he flirts with your friends, or he's really successful and popular. Either way, you don't feel very good about yourself with this guy, but there's just something about him... This crush is the worst.

The nerd crush
"He's such a big nerd but there's something about him..."
Whether he's ugly or nerdy, this crush doesn't make any sense to your friends. But you know there's more to him than meets the eye.

The marriage crush
"I just met him but I think he's 'the one.'"
All you can think about with this guy is how cute your kids will be and how happy you'll be when you're married. These crushes last through about 2 conversations.

The happy crush
"Thinking about him just makes my day happy."
I love these crushes. I wish I had more of them.

What are some of your favorite crushes?


Katherine said...

I definitely like the Happy Crush the best, but they really are so rare!! Any crush'll do in a pinch, though! It's always fun to have someone you look forward to seeing or who makes you smile when you think about them...sigh! A friend of mine and I once made little books with pictures of all of crushes from over the years in them. Wonder where that got to... ;)

Claire said...

My roommate and I went through a serious nerd crush phase on our statistics tutor our freshman year of college. When we found out he was married and his wife was pregnant, we died a little on the inside...

TheSinglesWard said...

Crush. We're definitely thankful that you covered this, but are somewhat concerned that you only covered one side of the coin.

Fill in the blank or crossword, you decide. We'll have it up by the end of the week.

Michelle said...

loving this post! I wrote something about loving crushes not too long ago, but I love how you identified types of crushes!

Sarah said...

Celebrity crushes! This happens to me and typically lasts about 48 hours. Example: I saw "Letters To Juliet" and totally madly crushed on the male lead. I swooned from my movie theater seat, daydreamed about him that evening, did a google image search the next day, and then forgot his name a few days later. :)

Elizabeth Downie said...

Sarah, I'm glad you mentioned the celebrity crush! I was going to include that one in my list and forgot about it. A very important and valid crush! ;)

Singles ward, I look forward to hearing the male perspective. :)

The Boob Nazi said...

haha awesome. I like "the bored crush" the best because those are the most illogical but also the most fun!

Linda said...

I like the "contact high" crush. Very funny. Crushville is definitely a magical place, full of wonder and dreams. I lived there a lot more in my young life than I did in the real world of dating. Maybe that was for the best.

Robin said...

What about the Out Of My League crush? He's THAT GUY. The one who is the quarterback on the football team, but also can sing, and gets the lead in the school play, has 4.0 GPA, and turns out to be the valedictorian. You know: THAT GUY.

Robin said...

BTW, great post. I meant to say that in my comment. Loved it:-)

Heather said...

Sarah, his name is Channing Tatum.

I've had so many marriage crushes in my life. Pretty much all my crushes went to far and ended up in that catagory.

I hate the bad self esteem crush. Those ones suck. When all of a sudden you're to fat or to short or don't wear the right clothes. Yuck. Boo Hiss.

I'd like to add the middle school crush:
"He so pushed into my chair, I think that means we are officially going steady."