Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Thoughts

No, I haven't just decided to name every post "----day Thoughts." But I'm in the mood today to do a Wednesday Thoughts like post so I thought the title fit. Ready for some random thoughts? Here we go!

My taste in music is constantly making me question who I am. I feel like I know who I am and what about then, wham! I like a song sung by a 16 year old baby faced man-child (and by man-child I mean child). Yeah, I'm talking about The Biebs. AKA, Justin Bieber. I'm not proud of this. In fact, I'm only listening to super hip music today to cleanse my palette. Cleanse it so I can listen to that Justin Bieber song again. Who am I kidding?

I'm getting together with some friends tonight for karaoke. Do you guys like karaoke? What do you like about it? I can not do karaoke. I had a really bad experience with it once - an experience that almost broke me. Let's just say it involved a group date and a Dixie Chick song. It's become one of my most horrifying memories. What are you supposed to do during those music breaks? Dance? Gyrate? It's too much. But it's sure fun to watch...

Don't you hate when someone doesn't get your sense of humor? I'm training someone at work this week and he was telling me yesterday that he couldn't sleep well the night before. He said that the shorter nights make it harder for him to sleep so he tried wearing one of those satin sleep masks but it irritated him. I suggested he wear a pirate eye patch on each eye instead; that that'd probably keep the light out more. He didn't get it. I had to awkwardly say, "I'm kidding."

And lastly, it's season finale season right now. I have mixed emotions about it. I'll miss my shows but it will be nice to reclaim my life so I think I'm ok with it. I'm pretty sad about Lost ending though and nervous that the series finale won't be everything I need it to be. On top of that, I'll miss talking about Lost, which is half the fun of the show. Just the other day, my coworker Ann asked me a question about Lost (she has only seen the first season) and in response to her question, my answer was: "that was because of the split in the time space continuum." What other show requires that kind of explanation? Oh Lost, I'll miss you.

Happy Friday!


Katherine said...

OK, I can see where that Justin Bieber song is pretty catchy. Though he really does sound like Lady Gaga or someone.

Wasn't that Dixie Chicks karaoke experience at that Halloween karaoke place, called "Scaryoke?" That might explain it. I think you really are obligated to do something embarrassing during the musical breaks, though. It's in the karaoke contract.

I was laughing really hard at the eye patch suggestion! I might try it, actually. Some people, though...they just don't get it.

I'm also upset about bidding farewell to Lost. It's been such a part of our discussions for 6 years! And there's just no replacing it, no matter how hard "V" and "Flash Forward" may try. Sigh. Plus I feel like we're just getting to know Jacob and the Man in Black. There's so much more to learn!!!
Sorry, I got a little emotional there. I'll be OK, I think. ;)

Sarah said...

My only karaoke experience was also to the Dixie Chicks! :) And really, a guy that admits to wearing a satin sleep mask can't take a joke? Poor guy....

I'm really bummed about Lost ending, and wish I had something really awesome planned to celebrate during the 4-5 hours I'll be planted in front of the TV on Sunday, but like you said, nothing really will cap it off how I imagine, so best to set my expectations low.

Dallan said...

"Everything I need it to be." Hilarious and so, so true.

Robin said...

Not up to speed with Justin Bieber so can't comment on that. Love to karaoke and I used to do it all of the time. Now, I rarely go. But, I miss it. I will have to do a karaoke blog.... Moving on. I started watching LOST last July and gulped the show. By the time season six started, I was totally up to speed. I am going to miss it so much. I think JJ Abrams is a genius. And I am excited and terrefied when I think about the two hour season finale.

Anonymous said...

Justin who...? Anyway karaoke is supposed to help you push you pass your comfort zone - that's why it fun to watch but not always fun to do unless you're in the mood to let her rip.

No guts no glory. Smiles.

Elizabeth Downie said...

...."in the mood to let her rip." Haupi, you make me laugh. ;)

Oh and Katherine, I think Justin Bieber sounds like Natasha Bedingfield. lol

Liz said...

A few things you mentioned in this post that I absolutely hate:
Justin Bieber; he seems like such a disrespectful little brat, plus I think he's from Canada.
The ancient art of karaoke; it combines my two biggest fears, getting up in front of people and microphones.
Lost...... Psych! I love Lost