Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pensamientos del miercoles

I have to have oral surgery tomorrow and I'm scared out of my mind. I should have asked the surgeon if he'd prescribe me a sedative for the week leading up to the surgery.

I know what you're thinking: "stop being so freaking over dramatic!" And guess what? I agree with you (although you could have said it a little nicer). I am being over dramatic. But in this case I just can't get past my fear of these three things:

1. The pain. Oh, the pain!
2. Meeting my "future husband" in the waiting room (that's a 30 Rock reference in case you don't watch it).
3. The surgery...and more specifically the anesthesia.

The doctor said I have two options, if I recall correctly: local anesthesia and gas (nitrous oxide). From the way he was talking, it was obvious he thought gas was the better option, promising me it would make the surgery a "pleasant memory." Never having experienced nitrous oxide before, I asked him "do people usually say embarrassing things on it?" He answered me bluntly, "yes."

Now I'm almost as nervous about that as I am the pain. What might I say that's so embarrassing, you ask? Well, here's a hint: the surgeon is really attractive. If I were to ever find out the words "too bad you're married" or "do you have a single brother?" passed my lips, I would be mortified.

Plus, one time after I had surgery and was coming out of anesthesia a nurse told me, "you said some pretty funny things in there." I just said, "oh," not wanting to know what I had said and vowing to never show my face in that hospital again.

In other Wednesday Thoughts, today's Cinco de Mayo! Are you doing anything fun? Five points to whoever can tell me what Cinco de Mayo actually celebrates (I'm actually not sure, so I'd have to consult wikipedia to tell you if your answer is right or wrong). Extra points given to creative answers.

Anyway, happy Wednesday and feliz Cinco de Mayo, amigos. Eat a taco for me! And wish me luck!


Sara said...

Maybe he'll fall in love with you if you tell him how you really feel under sedation? Or at least, he'll go home feeling pretty good about himself!

Oh, and I think Cinco de Mayo commemorates a battle. I was in Mexico on May 5th like 10 years ago and no one was celebrating.

lizzie Mc.- said...

Planning a bbq on Saturday. A b-day, mother's day, cinco de mayo, baptism celebration, double despedida kinda thing. The school has an all day thing here (living in TX is nice), but it's $10/ head so I'm saving my money for the 60lbs of burger meat... these people better show, just sayin' (hehe)

Mexican Independence or a battle won if I remember right.

Anesthesiologists are comedians trapped in a Dr's body. They get to poke and prod, laugh at others' expense and don't have to get their hands dirty.

Sarah said...

I had nitrous oxide when I had my wisdom teeth out, and I remember dreaming about saws...not a great memory. But then on the way home, my dad told me I was talking a lot about Matt Wheatley. I still haven't forgotten that! I was so embarrassed...he's not even a guy I had any feelings for whatsoever!! (I'll admit, it did make me, years later, dig into my subconscious to see if it was trying to tell me something!).

Cinco de means eat five sandwiches smothered in mayo with no guilt...or five pieces of really moist cake...or five of anything, actually! :)

Claire said...

When I got my wisdom teeth out, I'm pretty sure they used something that knocked me clean out- no embarrassing talking. I also remember the first thing I thought when I woke up- "I should get knocked out more often." It was super relaxing :)

Robin said...

Good luck with your oral surgery. I hope that you are witty and charming under the gas. I have no idea about cinco de mayo, although I am certain that my mom knows. I always thought it was Mexico's Independence Day (kind of like our 4th of July), but if you were there and no one was celebrating that kind of squelches that idea.

Katherine said...

I like Sarah's definition of Cinco de Mayo! I think I'll celebrate that way from now on!
Good luck confessing your love to your surgeon! Err... I mean, with your oral surgery! If the nurse tells you you said funny things, this time ask what they are for your blog followers' sake! We want to know!

~ Malissa ~ said...

If I had won the lottery, I would pay big bucks to fly out to Michigan so I could help you after your surgery...AND hear your words of nonsense to your cute surgeon!! Mostly for the latter - I would make a video for your future husband to hear. :-)

I also like Sarah's Cinco De Mayo version, but I would dye the mayonnaise purple, green, and gold!! Hey, just sayin'!!!!!!!!!!

Linda said...

Cinco de mayo celebrates Mexico's victory over France in a battle. It's not their independence day. I heard that we celebrate it more than they do. But, hey, who doesn't love a reason to celebrate? The tacos and tostadas at Mi Serape(sp)were delish!

Heather said...

A. Can I come a video tape you?

B. Why didn't I get an invite for Tacos, Mom?!

c. (did elizabeth make pico de gallo? my favorite!)

d. I had all 4 wisdom teeth out in one shot and they did NOT put me under. They just gave me local. I made sure Jim was there though, because the oral surgeon hit on me every time I went in for an appointment. We still joke about it.

e. I did nothing for Cinco De Mayo, but tomorrow is Seis de mayo and i'm thinking I'm going to make a new holiday where I make some of this yummy white bean chili every year. And dye my hair. Anyone with me on this new tradition?!

Linda said...

1. I love the picture of the bambino crying in his sombrero.
2. Heather - Elizabeth didn't make us food - we went to a Mexican restaurant and it was packed! And I love your idea for the seis de mayo celebration.

Anonymous said...

Feliz seis de Mayo

Espero que la cirugĂ­a salio bien

Un admirador desde la distancia. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh Elizabeth! I hope everything went well and if you took the got out of there fast! Guess what? I'm your new follower. I don't know what happened but I lost you and your sister and a few others - it was blogspots fault!! Click and follow me back because I don't see your picture over here. Hey maybe he does have a brother - what's so bad in asking? Smiles.

Liz said...

Nitrous Oxide is A-Maz-Ing. I've only had it once but I think I'm addicted to it.