Friday, May 7, 2010

Sleepover memories

When I was a young teenager, my friend Kristin and I used to have sleepovers almost every weekend. I have many fond memories of these sleepovers (and one not-so-fond memory - click here for that story as well as an awesome picture of us). A typical sleepover was made up of these components:

60% talking about boys (and that includes NKOTB)
20% renting movies
5% doing makeovers
5% buying candy/treats
10% annoying other people.

A few months ago Kristin was in town for a visit and we were reminiscing about all the crazy things we did back in that time. We concluded that 1) we were pretty obnoxious, 2) we thought we were really funny back then, and 3) we actually were pretty funny.

One time on summer vacation, Kristin spent the night on a Sunday night. We weren't supposed to go the store on Sundays for religious reasons but we snuck down anyway and hid the candy in the bushes until that night. Late that night when we snuck outside to grab our loot, it was covered with ants. We learned a valuable lesson that night - that we should have hid the candy under our shirts and smuggled it inside as soon as we got home from the store.

Another time we begged Kristin's older brother to drive us to our Sunday School teacher's house so we could fork their yard (stick tons of plastic forks in it). He said no so we waited till night fall and walked all the way there to do it. We were determined. It turned out great, by the way.

Then there was the time we thought we'd make orange julius but read the recipe wrong. Instead of putting two table spoons of sugar in it, we put two cups in. When it came time to drink it, we could tell something was wrong by the consistency but we made everyone taste it to help us figure it out. I vividly remember every one's scrunched up faces as the took a sip of pure orange sugar.

All these memories came back to me recently because for the first time in almost 20 years, I watched the movie "UHF" starring Weird Al a couple nights ago. Kristin and I rented UHF and Can't Buy Me Love almost every weekend back in the day for our sleepovers. We quoted from UHF all the time.

I was worried that the movie wouldn't be funny after all these years, but I shouldn't have been scared. It was hilarious. Here's a link to a clip to prove it.

What were some of your favorite movies when you were a teenager? What were your favorite things to do at a sleepover? I'm at home resting after my surgery (which went fine - I ended up not getting the gas so I didn't say anything embarrassing) so your stories will keep me entertained!

No pressure. I just won't heal well if you don't share.


Katherine said...

I also spent a lot of time talking about NKOTB with my friends at sleepovers (and watching videos about them and their music videos and singing along to their tapes, etc). I don't really remember renting any one movie repeatedly, though I have clear memories of buying candy at Sav-Mor with my allowance. I apparently learned from your mistake and never hid mine outside, though (or went on Sundays...). I have two clear sleepover memories to share:
One, a friend down the street had a pop-up trailer and three of us spent the night in it once - we were SO excited, I remember talking about it at school all week, and for some reason getting a bunch of sporks form the cafeteria for the occasion. It was awesome!
Two, I remember at a younger age spending the night at the Williams' house, and we were really hungry in the middle of the night. We weren't supposed to go downstairs to the kitchen, though, so we found some cinnamon dental floss and sucked on it to try to tide us over. As I recall, it didn't work. ;)

Robin said...

That's good news about your surgery. had I known your recovery was going to go so well I would have included you in the HERE'S TO YOU THURSDAY round-up. I have your video all picked out. I will save it for next week. I guess that means you have something to look forward to...

Sara said...

I loved that game where you laid down, people put two fingers under you and then made you "float". It seemed magical. Still kind of does actually! But I guess we all weighed like 60lbs so it wasn't that hard to lift each other up.

Hope you feel better asap!

Linda said...

And all of these years, I thought Kristin was a good influence on you and vice versa. Sheesh. :)

elliespen said...

Supplies! (Great movie.)

My sleepovers broke down very similarly to yours in terms of content, although the "makeovers" bit was more of a "throw glow-in-the-dark toys at each other with the lights out" bit.

~ Malissa ~ said... Mom was really cute and would set out trays of veggies, fruit, candy and chips sometimes. We didn't know what good nutrition was then, so we would fight over the m&m's and drive my mother crazy with our hyper-activity!!

Here are some of my fond sleepover memories:
1. Pretending we had awesome super powers like the hero's on Captain Planet!
2. Playing the game Sims until midnight (that was late then!)
3. Major truth or dare...but we were never ever brave enough to act on the dare's (except one time, we did call our 4th grade science teacher at midnight and asked if we could borrow some ice!!)
4. At one friend's house, she ALWAYS brought out the Ouiji board (I was always scared of it, though. We would make the board piece move to letters of a boy's name and act like a ghost did it).
5. Scary, crazy hide-n-go seek games outside at night.
6. When I became a nerd in middle school, we would write songs and figure out the theory for all of our voices/instruments.
7. We would watch adult movies like Titanic or Independance Day and pretend we understood everything...we would even cry so we looked like mature adults!

There are probably some more good ones, but that's all I can think of for now. I hope these past times heal your wounds! I'm glad that everything went well and that you are healing now!! I hope you begin to feel better soon!!

alecia said...

I liked sleepovers in theory, but then I always got freaked out sleeping on some one else's floor, and I'd go home. What a pansy. And oh my goodness, I just realized I'm no different as an adult...

Robin said...


Heather said...

HELLO, MASH anyone?! I always wanted to marry Donnie Whalberg, Tommy Page, Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Jonathon Brandis.

I remember Rachel and I watched the Bride of chucky. Scared the mess out of me.

We always ate tubes of cookie dough, those candies that would make you foam at the mouth and the wax candies that you bite off the top and it has about a teaspoon of juice in it.

Sometimes we would put the first person to fall asleep's bra in the freezer.

Crystal said...

Can't Buy Me Love is the best movie ever! Love it, love it, love it!

Hard to believe that skinny Ronald is now McDreamy.

Kristin said...

Dude. After we brought the candy in and the ants were no where to be found. I totally ate the licorice.

And Linda, I don't believe that for a second. Remember when we bandaged up our whole bodies and told people at church we were in an accident? You told us we were playing on people's sympathies and we just thought we were being hilarious and if people actually believed us they were stupid and deserved to be duped. We were the worst!

Datin'Kait said...

I'm inspired. McKenna and I are going to throw a sleepover.

Liz said...

I loved having sleepovers with my friends. They were so legen (wait for it) dary. We always watched Goonies and Clue.