Monday, May 17, 2010

Above It

Darn this pride of mine! Remember when I told you a little while back about that Pierce Brosnan movie that was going to be filmed next door to my office building sometime in May? Well, sometime in May has arrived but I'm ruining every chance I get to see Pierce because of my stubborn refusal to gawk!

For some foolish reason, I think I'm above gawking. Today at the end of the work day, we got notification that the film crew was going to be setting up a fake telephone booth in our driveway. My first thought was:

Ohmygosh, that's right by the bike rack - where my bike is. I might see Pierce! Don't blow this! Act cool.

So I did just that. I walked out, put my bike helmet on and rode off, not craning my neck in the slightest to catch a glimpse of Pierce. Cool as a cucumber. It required a lot of effort, I can't lie. And what did I gain? Nothing!

As I rode by the set, I saw a bunch of bystanders taking pictures of the set and the cast with their cell phones and I thought, "pf! They are so uncool but they don't even know it." But another part of me was screaming, "pull your bike over and take a picture! You are not above this and you know it!"

As I was riding home, I realized I have worked or lived within two blocks of where three major movies have been filmed in the past two years - but have I gawked at all? No. Do I regret not gawking? Yes! Last winter, I even walked practically through a scene but didn't look to see who was in it. Later I found out it might have been Andy from the office. Andy! And I didn't look! What a fool!

One of my older coworkers has Pierce fever right now. She's sort of a free spirit and of foreign descent. She keeps telling us that she's going to kiss Pierce if she sees him. We keep telling her not to, but she's a woman with a mission. As I said bye to her today, she said, "if I kiss Pierce, I will call you." I said, "don't bother, I'm sure I'll hear about it on the news."

I had no idea last night that my biggest problem today would be trying to get Pierce Brosnan to think I'm cool. Life's full of surprises.


Sara said...

This is hilarious. Ask to tag along with the co-worker while she gawks. And then you can be like, "Don't look at me. This crazy one made me come with her!"

I'd be the same way as you, playing it cool. Several years ago, we were with friends driving on the expressway and drove right next to Ben Affleck. There was no one else on the road. When my friend pulled out her camera, I was completely embarrassed. Especially because he saw us staring at him and moved our 3 lanes right then.

Oh, and I think it's definitely okay to watch them while they shoot scenes. No embarrassment there. I think when you are screaming, taking photos, and begging for autographs...that's when it gets a bit awkward.

~ Malissa ~ said...

I agree with Sara. They probably deal with that enough of it as it is. I mean, being famous can be so overrated these days. Doesn't everyone have a secret talent? For some people, it's acting. For others, it's scoring big with a wadded up notebook paper trash-it ball. It's just a shame that not all of these talents are recognized the way they should be. However, only so many people can look good while dunking paper for 2-points.

All in all, I say you should get that picture! Casually park and stand with your bike near the "gawkers" and slyly shift your camera from your pocket to your hand. Looking as cool as possible, snap a photo with a, "Eh, he'll do," kinda face, and ride off at a 2mph speed. You should post your photo in your next entry so we can all judge!

Katherine said...

I agree with Sara and Malissa! If anyone asks, you can say you're just observing, not gawking! I think I'm the same as you, I feel self-conscious gawking, but you gotta think, will I regret this later? You should go for it! What have you got to lose? Well, besides your self-respect. Kidding!!

Sarah said...

I think taking the crazy co-worker with you is a great idea! That's mostly how I've had all of my celeb encounters...I go along as the sidekick, clearly embarrassed, clearly knowing the celeb is "just a normal person", but being a good friend by showing up with your gawker pal. :)

Lady Baillio said...

Awesome post.

Wolfgang said...

Pierce Brosnan? should care more about what Greg Kinnear and Marisa Tomei think of you. They are the real stars ;P (I may have just lost some fans for saying that)

And I agree: great post! :)

Heather said...

i heart pierce Brosnan.(i said that just for you)

I have a similar story, and by similar i mean not close at all, but here it goes.:

I was at the Gas station last week and there was a HUGE limo in the spot next to me. I refused to look over at it, in case someone cool was in it and they would think i was just a regular person, staring. I still regret it. What if I had just looked over and Justin Timberlake was in the window?! Oy vey. I feel your pain.

Heather said...

p.s, thanks for the post. I had withdrawls.

Deb said...

Any other actor and I wouldn't have a problem not gawking, but O.M.G. it's Pierce!!!!! I have been in luv with him for many years :)

Hopefully you'll see him....very cool about the movie being filmed right next door.

My sister managed a bar in downtown Detroit and a movie was filmed there (Butterfly Effect 3 was the movie). She said they watched it being filmed and it was really boring :)

Please, please let us know if you bump into Pierce.

Kathy said...

Maybe you and I should start the Too Cool to Gawk Club. I drove by the set three times yesterday, and I walked by it once. Each time I refused to even blink an eye towards it. Pierce could have been waving at me, and I missed it. I heard he's a waver.

We need to finish our discussion on trying to get into the fake Urgent Care Center they have set up. We need to agree on Justin's injury, and practice carrying him by his hands and feet without bashing his head. If they like our performance, maybe they just add the scene to the movie.

Anonymous said...

This is Pierce Brosnan - AKA James Bond - Agent 007 - and my all time favorite Thomas Crown.

I would be camera on hand 24/7

An admirer from the distance. ;)

Linda said...

I'm sure Pierce would think you're cool. But for my sake, next time look!!

Linda said...

p.s. My friend from work saw him downtown (State and E. University area) signing autographs yesterday.

Robin said...

I had the biggest crush on him when he was on TV as REMINGTON STEEL. I have no doubt that is before your time... I say forgot playing it iceberg. Play it smart and cool. Or smart and clutzy. Fall off the damn bike if you have to... that would get his attention. He might even come over and help you get up.

The Lady Girl said...

I walked on to a set with James Franko a couple months ago.... I don't regret it. I even took pictures with my cell phone. I'm actually cooler now for doing so.