Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Well, it happened. Lost ended. And yet, somehow life has gone on. Who knew? The series finale wasn't anything I expected it to be. It didn't answer any of my questions! But after letting it all sink in, I'd have to say that I liked it. And now we can spend the rest of our lives debating the mysteries of Lost.

Now that it's over, I thought it'd be appropriate to do a retrospective and remember my favorite things about Lost. So, without further ado...

Favorite moment
: in season one, when Sawyer, Michael, Jin, and Walt are on the raft and Sawyer starts singing "Redemption Song" by Bob Marley. Since redemption is one of the major themes of Lost, this scene has often sprung to mind throughout the series. It was also a nice scene because the four of them were feeling hopeful that they were going to get home (suckers).

Second favorite moment: the end of the episode "Tabula Rasa" when they're all broken and beaten down - emotionally as well as physically- after the plane crash (this is very early in season one) and the song "Wash Away" by Joe Purdy is played. The look on Sawyer's face when Sayid throws him the sad. Season one was amazing. Here's that scene:

Favorite character: hands down, the Smoke Monster. There are so many unanswered questions about Smokey but I just loved him. My heart raced with excitement whenever we heard that howl and clicky sound that indicated that the arrival of the Smoke Monster was eminent. If Smokey doesn't win an Emmy, there is truly no justice in this world.

Second favorite character: John Locke. I missed him a lot when he died. Smokey in the form of John Locke just wasn't the same. That's a weird sentence.

Hottest character: Sawyer. Duh. But you know I had a thing for Keamy too. Let' s be honest, everyone on the island was hot.

Who I'd like to be stranded on the island with: Probably Jack. I couldn't stand him for the first few seasons ("I didn't choose to be your leader! You made me your leader!" Ugh. What a martyr.) but he was awesome this season. John and Desmond would be the runners up. I'm talking about pure survival and good company here, people - get your minds out of the gutter!

Most shocking moment: When Libby and Ana Lucia were killed. My mind was blown.

Favorite episode: "The Constant." "If anything goes wrong, Desmond Hume will be my constant." The reason this episode is my favorite is because of the ending. Desmond and Penny's phone call was one of my favorite moments ever on t.v. Here's a link (click). It's impossible for me to watch this scene without getting choked up.

Most enigmatic character: This is a tough one. Either Jacob or Ben. What do you think?

Anyway, I think that's enough. I could go on and on but I'll leave it at those categories. Who are your nominees? And what did you think of the series finale?



Kathy said...

Hmmmm....I'm not sure I can pick a favorites for some of these. I loved the moment that Desmond and Penny were reunited on the boat. But there are too many awesome moments to choose from. I loved it when they ended episodes with slow motion scenes and songs. I loved Jin and Sun's love story, but I also loved Ben. What a great show!!!

The finale for me was emotionally what I wanted- everyone reunited. But I honestly have to say I am very disappointed at the ending. I was looking for answers and meaning for years, and got very few in the end. I was personally left feeling strung along. That being said, I still loved the ride, and was always completely entertained and engaged. That's what tv is for, right? Lost will be hard to top.

Linda said...

Yes to everything except that the smoke monster is NOT my favorite. John Locke is.

Heather said...

Sawyer was my favorite. I even wanted to name my daughter Sawyer. The Coach said no.
How can you not love a book reading, dimple faced, tough guy.

I have to say the show hosted in a new era at our house in two ways.
1. I sat down and watched t.v.
2. The Coach and I agreed to watch a show togther FOR ONCE!!

Amy said...

I have always, always, always liked Desmond. And Charlie will always have a special place in my heart. Also, I will always for the rest of my life feel jumpy around dynamite.

What made Lost special to me was not the series itself (which was, of course, fantastic), but that watching it was a social experience unlike any other TV watching experience I've had. I'll miss the Lost-watching gatherings and the weekly Lost discussions, and of course the Lost-themed cake products :).

Katherine said...

I really will miss Lost! It was so unique and is completely irreplaceable! I loved seasons 1-3 the best. I loved the characters and the stories and getting to know everyone and finding the hatch and the Tailies and the Others and Henry (Ben)- I still miss those early days before we knew that our questions were NOT going to be answered... But I did enjoy the craziness of the last three seasons, too. Oh, the anticipation of each week's episode! Sigh!! I'm gonna miss this show!!!

Sarah said...

My fave moments were when we still weren't sure what The Others were all about. I also liked when Sun confronted Widmore off the island.

My favorite character was Sun. My second favorite character is Hurley because he said the funniest things! :)

Hottest character: Jack. In every episode. Every time. :) So, obviously, that's who I'd like to be stranded on the island with if it had to happen.

Most shocking moment: Every time we saw characters interact prior to the island through a flashback.

Fave episode: Probably the first pilot episode!

Most enigmatic character: Jacob. How did he get off the island? How did he find out about the candidates he chose? How did he keep showing himself to Hurley? I have no idea!?!?

The finale was on par with the whole series...wrapped up a small part of the story, but left many things unanswered. So, frustrating, but satisfying at the same time! :)

Robert said...

What's Lost??

Kidding!!! Not sure I have favorite moments but every time Desmond saved Charlie was a good story. Then when Charlie did finally die to save Desmond and shutdown the radio-jammer.

Favorite character would have to be Jack. I always liked his consistency of character.

Locke would have to be the second favorite. It was good to see his optimism and hope.

Hottest was Kate! Except I didn't so much like that she slept with Sawyer to try to get over Jack.

Stranded with? Kate. ;)

Shocking moment? Gotta say I didn't think they would shoot Ben's daughter. That was surprising. Ok. second shocking moment was when Sayid shock the young Ben. I thought maybe the future could be changed by killing him off.

I'm not smart enough to know episode names, sorry.

Enigmatic character? That'd be Ben. Always kept you guessing trying to figure him out.

~ Malissa ~ said...

Your favorite is Smokey??!! Man, and I thought i REALLY knew you - I was wayyy off! Ha ha, just kidding!

My love for Asians - Sun and Jin, my favorite couple of the island by far! I loved watching rewinds of their life and how they fell in love, and watching them find that love again as they suffered through trials.

I'll have to admit that I missed almost all of the last season (including the finale) and am trying to catch up on everything I missed while I was on the mission. (When I say, "trying," I mean, I'll get to it someday after finals...I'll lie in bed and spend countless hours glued to Hulu.)

I remember the first time I watched Lost (those were the days!) - you, Kat, Megan and I were with you while house sitting. You showed me the first epiode of Lost, and I asked, "Well, what happens next?" Man, little did I know...I agree with Amy - it's all about the memories with friends!

Liz said...

Everyone on the island was hot?!?! Really? Why don't you take a moment to think about that.