Thursday, July 3, 2008

The truth must be heard!

Years and years ago, on a July third much like today, something happened to my friend Kristin. This story has been told and retold over the years but Kristin and I have very (very) different versions of what happened. She and I are both going to tell our stories today and let you, readers, decide which of us is telling the truth. I like to think my reputation will speak for itself and that it will be clear who is being honest.

So here's the story. The true story.

It was July 3rd, 199-. Kristin and I were having a sleep over at Kristin's house. We had sleep overs all of the time, and it was always the same. Kristin made me sleep on the floor with only a decorative pillow to sleep on. It was not very comfortable. On this particular night, I decided that I'd had enough and I wanted a real pillow.

Let me back up. This may seem like a digression, but it is very important to the story. Kristin had this bad habit of leaving her curling iron plugged in all day so that by the end of the day, it was about 1000 degrees hot. She kept it on a table by her bed.

Back to the story. So, Kristin and I were sitting on her bed and I asked her if I could please use a real pillow that night. She said no, that she loved her pillow and wouldn't give it up. I begged and told her it was hard for me to sleep on the floor with only the decorative pillow to rest my head on. She smirked and said that was too bad. I looked over at the soft, fluffy pillow next to her and decided I'd have to fight for this. (I was desperate for a good night's sleep!) I grabbed the pillow but she reacted fast and grabbed it back. It turned into a tug of war. Unfortunately for Kristin, I was (and still am) stronger than her. She lost her grip on the pillow and fell off her bed. On her way to the floor, she caught the cord of the curling iron with her neck which made the iron flip off the table and onto her neck. Sizzzzzle! I was mortified!

We ran to get help. Everyone gathered around the kitchen table to look at Kristin's neck and decide how serious it was. Ryan consulted his Boy Scout manual and determined that it was a third degree burn. I rode with Kristin and her mom to the emergency room where we spent the majority of the night. I was very concerned about her neck, but it was clearly an accident and not anyone's fault. I can't help it that Kristin has weak arms!

Years later I found out that Kristin had been telling quite a different version of the story. To read her version, click here. Kristin will post it sometime today. I think it will be clear who's telling the truth.


brenda said...

You and Kristin are TOO funny. LOL. I'm thinking I believe you're story more...shhhhhh don't tell her ;)

BTW...I love reading your blog, even if we never knew each other super well.

Abram said...

I believe you. And the pillow thing is so true. A couple years ago, i found the perfect pillow and bought it. Once she tried it, she wanted to use it all the time, so I had to buy her a new one.

Well, not long ago she gave Max one of our two pillows to throw up on, and sure enough, it turns out it was my pillow.

So I go to the store to get another perfect pillow and there are no such pillows around.

So now I sleep on a second-class pillow.

That just tells you how great she is that she's worth being married to, even though she has a pillow problem. I still LOVE her. (And will hopefully one day forgive her.)

Katherine said...

Oh, MAN! Well, you ARE my sister, and I HAVE heard your version more often, but I have also had Archie Comics thrown at me in the wee hours of the night... I still think your version's a little more believable. PLUS, you have and AWESOME picture as proof! (Proof of what, I don't know. It's just a really cool picture.)

Kristin said...

I love how you chose the picture of me scowling. You're a propaganda machine Elizabeth Anne Downie.

sterlingandbrandi said...

That's pretty hilarious. I was a little shocked inside reading Kristin's thinking, "this can't be true, but why would Kristin just lie on her blog for no reason?" Now I know. Good job posting the pic, it proves everything.

Shauri said...

I wish I could go with Katherine's logic that you should believe and stand by your sister, but like Abram I'm afraid truth must prevail over silly ties like flesh and blood, or a worthless marriage certificate.

Kristin - 0
Elizabeth -1

Truth be told, the only part of the story I REALLY believe is that Ryan rolled his eyes, consulted his boy scout manual and made a diagnosis that my mother waited for.

Oh, and I also believe the part about Elizabeth singing burn, baby, burn.

jules said...

I had a similar incident with a marshmallow, a fork and a gas stove....a "friend" named Layla, and my tongue. I belive you cuz.

ps...What is on your necklace? It looks like burnt elbow pasta

Lisa said...

Okay, this one makes way more sense. That Kristin is such a storyteller! : )

Elizabeth Downie said...

Hey Brenda! I'm glad you found my blog. Do you have a blog? I hope everything is going well for you!

Elizabeth Downie said...

Julie, I think the necklace is half of one of those "best friends" necklaces! That's what it looks like, anyway. But I'm not 100% sure. I am sure it's not pasta though. ;)

Kristin said...

um, YES it's a best friends necklace. I have the other half. Don't you still have yours? And everyone thinks I'm the jerk....

BTW, you can see Brenda's blog if you just click on her name. Her profile will come up and you click on the name of her blog.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Oh yeah...I totally still have that. I'm wearing it right now actually....;)

I'll check out Brenda's blog! Thanks!

Liz said...

Is that you in the photo?! I LOVE it! Both versions of the story had me seriously rolling on the floor, but I really liked Kristin's version.