Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday Thoughts

Happy Wednesday! I love four day work weeks - today feels like Tuesday. But there's only three more days of work. I love it.

Plus, I had a great Memorial Day weekend. Here's a quick run-down of some of the joys I experienced this weekend:

*Northern Michigan (gorgeous)
*Fluffernutters and pies cooked over the campfire in a pie iron (heavenly)
*Hikes along the trails at the Ludington state park (glorious)
*Falling asleep on the beach and getting sunburnt (worth it)
*Long walk along Lake Michigan (there are no words)
*Twilight boat ride (amazing)
*Free to wear white again, now that summer's here (woohoo!)

You were expecting me to end one of those with "priceless" weren't you? That's because you watch too much t.v. (and by you, I mean I).

What did you do over the weekend? Where is your favorite place to get away for the weekend?

I can't even tell you how happy I am that the warm/hot months are upon us. Fireflies, summer romances, bbq's, bike rides....summer in Michigan is the best. (If you can ignore the humidity...)

Here's a question for you: does every state joke that their state bird is the mosquito? I'm sure Michigan can't be unique in this.

Happy Wednesday.


Katherine said...

I know in "Sweet Home Alabama" (the movie) her dad jokes about the mosquito being their state bird, so there's one more state!
I really do love Michigan summers! Other states just don't hold a candle, nor do they understand how amazing it is here! At least Tim Allen's out there spreading the word!

alecia said...

Oh my gosh, I love your life. I wish I could ignore the humidity, but I can only go outside for another 3 weeks, then it's indoors for me through august :)

Heather said...

The humidity makes me look like a hot mess, but I love summer in Michigan. I love Ludington. There is just this place in my heart for it. It's funny b/c the last few weeks I have "smelled" ludington a million times. The cool breeze off the water, the campfire's, the sunblock, the chlorine..etc They all flash me back to moment in Ludington. Sigh.

Is that picture and Mary and Bill's? It looks like their picnic table tablecloth.

Amy said...

I have nothing profound to add. Just that this year I thought I was enjoying spring even in spite of the ups and downs, and then suddenly it was summer and I realized I had completely forgotten how much I am in love with summer. It pushed spring completely out of my mind. (Can summer be another kind of crush?)

Sara said...

It's Wednesday already! Geez!! Glad you had a great weekend! Sounds awesome!

Linda said...

Never mind the mosquitos, the black flies up by Taquamenon (sp??) Falls are big enough to carry you away. We saved you at least once.

~ Malissa ~ said...

I miss Michigan Summer - today, we Utahn's (not that I can consider myself one of those just yet!) experienced our first REAL summer day of the year!! The following must be in order to be classified as a "real summer day" out in the West:

1. NO RAIN - As much as I LOVE rain, I don't imagine glops of rain falling into my frizzled hair on a picturesque summer day!

2. NO SNOW - That's right, I said it! How on earth does it snow from 6am until noon without leaving a trace behind?? Ok, if that wasn't enough, how does it snow for that long and THEN heat up to 60 degrees?? In case you're wondering if this has ever really happened, I witnessed this experience a week ago in Provo! I hope Mother Nature has a good response to that one!

There are probably more classifications, but I can't think of any at the moment. Needless to say, I'll take Michigan humidity any day over a snowy Utah in the Summer!

P.S. I'm waiting for you to write a post dedicated to Luddington - PURE Luddington!!

Michelle Williams said...

Sorry I don't miss Michigan summers! I'll take Seattle summers, they are cooler, have far less humidity, when it gets hot the humidity decreases and there are plenty of trees for lovely shade! Not to mention being an hours drive to the mountains or even less to the ocean, several huge lakes and many small ones. Ya,I guess I've found a new home. But I would love the Michigan folks to come stay a while!