Monday, May 11, 2009

Quotes from this weekend

This weekend was a family weekend. On Friday night, we all got together at Chuck E Cheese (the "kid casino" as one friend calls it) for my nephew Ethan's 3rd birthday. On Saturday, we all got together again to have a family book release party for my brother Sean's book. Then on Sunday, we reconvened for Mother's Day. Here are some funny moments from the weekend.

Me to my 4 yr old niece, Paige: "What do you think of my dress?"
Paige: "It's very pretty. But you need some glass slippers."

My grandma to me: "When I have my surgery you have to come visit me to meet this doctor. I'm going to ask him if he's married. And wear that dress."

My 10 yr. old nephew James: "After dinner today, I want to put on a comedy show for everyone."

Later that day at his comedy show: "The kids are going to have to cover their ears for this last one. When you're out of the bathroom, you're American, but when you're in the bathroom what are you? European. Get it?"

My three year old nephew Ethan, after pulling up my pant leg and zerberting my ankle: "Dinosaur kisses!!"

Ethan: "I'm a friendly snake" (while chasing me and hissing).

Ethan, introducing his dad to everyone: "That's my dad. He's my brother."


Kristin said...

Excuse me? Sean is a published author? Where have I been?

Priscilla said...

Very funny stuff; leave it to the kids...of course, your grandma is a hoot, too. Can't wait to find out if this "doctor" is married or not...;)

Angela Baillio (Fernandez) said...

It sounds like you had a blast!

Katherine said...

Those are some GREAT quotes! What a fun (and busy) weekend!!

David and Linda said...

We have some very funny relatives. It was a fun and exhausting weekend with the women's conference as well as the parties. But is was all worth it and fun!!

Heather said...

I told Ethan and Paige that they were in your blog and Paige think's she's the bomb now and Ethan said " I wub dawizabif" (translation: i love elizabeth)It was a fun weekend. G-Ma Frannie J is hilarious!