Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lost predictions

I've been reprimanded for being too serious in my blog this week and a request has been made that I make my predictions for the LOST season finale tonight. Spoiler alert: if you're behind on your Lost viewing (shame shame), don't read this.

*All the original gang get back together and fight the Dharma Initiative, with the help of some unexpected allies.
*Sawyer, Juliet, and Kate show up and surprise them when they need their help the most.
*Hurley will say something funny but helpful at a pivotal point.
*Sayid will shoot... let's say 5 people. No wait, 3. And he'll make a second attempt to kill Ben.
*Dr. Chang will play an important role in saving the island. He and Miles will bond and Hurley will sing "Cats in the Cradle." Miles might die after he and his dad finally bond. You know, LOST style.
*A ghost from the past will make an appearance (Charlie? Keamy? I know, wishful thinking.)
*Rose and Bernard will join the gang and show their worth (we know they were flashing through time with Sawyer and the others initially- where did they go!? I predict when Sawyer and everyone goes to the beach, they'll find them there.)
*The Smoke Monster will show up and judge someone.
*Richard and Ben will join forces against John and co. Richard will teach Ben how to properly apply guy liner.
*There is no Jacob. No wait, the Smoke Monster is Jacob. No....Christian is Jacob. Ok, I have no idea who Jacob is.

Any other predictions?


justin said...

I predict the smoke monster will turn into a sea lion and eat Hurley.

But I don't watch Lost, so what do I know?

Kathy said...

I predict that Sawyer will call someone by an insulting nickname, and the smoke monster will stop Jack just as he's about to set off the h-bomb. Oh, and I predict that Keamy will be resurrected by the island and will blow kisses to you through the t.v.

btw- Jusin's prediction is ridiculous. The smoke monster has better things to do with it's time than to turn into a sea lion. geez.

Dallan said...

Your Hurley prediction will be spot on. Funny. In all seriousness though, did you know Richard doesn't wear guy liner? I read it in an interview the other day. I bet Adam Lambert is jealous of Richard's dark, thick lashes. Also, I heard on tonight's episode we finally find out who Jacob is (I think it's Locke), and that a well-known character dies and the death is on the same tragedy level as Charlie's. I'm hoping it's Juliet and not Hurley.

Elizabeth Downie said...

The death better not be Sawyer. Or John. Or Hurley or Sun or Jin or Sayid.

Katherine said...

I think the Smoke Monster is a combination of all of the people who have died on the Island. I also think that Jacob changes with the times - he's Christian now, but has been other significant people in the past. I agree with your Hurley prediction and your picks of who shouldn't die. I really hope Hurley sings "Cats in the Cradle," too. And my vote for the ghost visit is Mr. Eko. I miss him!!! :)