Monday, May 25, 2009

Back To Reality

This weekend I lived the Pure Michigan commercials. It was kind of inconvenient to have Tim Allen narrating my every move, but I got used to it.

Here's what I did this weekend:

*went to the DIA with friends
*looked out over Detroit from the rooftop lounge of my friend Christi's apartment building
*went up to northern Michigan
*took 3 naps in one day
* went on an evening boat ride
* hiked high up in the woods (the stair trails)
* put my toes in the freezing waters of Lake Michigan
* walked out to the Ludington lighthouse
* bonded with my nieces and nephews
* read
* made smores
* celebrated my heritage
* ate a meat pie
* ate two ice cream cones (yeah, the diet was a bit of a bust this weekend)
* watched two sunsets on the lake

Now I'm back...and not sure I'm ready face reality!

But instead of ending on that negative note, here are some funny quotes from Ethan, my three year old nephew. On Saturday, we all went up to a town called Alma, where there is a Scottish festival every year. For some reason, Ethan thought Alma was a person, not a place. We could not convince him otherwise.

Me: Ethan, did you like Alma?
Ethan: No. (pause) I loved her.

Me: Alma isn't a person, it's a whole town.
Ethan: Alma's a hotel!?


Katherine said...

Now I have that "Back to Life, Back to Reality" song in my head...

It really was a wonderful weekend! I may not have matched your 3 naps, but I certainly relaxed a lot! Sigh. Reality is not my favorite place to be.

David and Linda said...

Having all of our children and grandchildren at Alma was a wonderful experience and the grandkids were a trip!! Very fun. Not oto mention Ludington. Superb!!