Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday Thoughts

I'm going to preempt the usual Wednesday Thoughts today and share with you a video that goes along with yesterday's post. It's a video made by Dove about how women get hit from a young age with media images telling us we're not _______ enough.

Although, one thing I learned from yesterday's post was that men are also very likely to suffer similar self esteem issues as women but just don't talk about it as much. Thanks for your comments and e-mails. It's been really interesting to hear what your experiences are with this subject!

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D said...

I totally feel like that woman in the bathroom who keeps getting bigger and then skinnier. Why? Because it's true every time I get pregnant. The whole gaining weight only takes 9 months but the losing takes until I'm ready to have the next kid (at least 6 months longer than the 9 months). I am thankful that so far I have been able to lose the baby weight so I'm not complaining too much...