Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wednesday Thoughts

I have no thoughts this morning. Ok, that's not true. I have no thoughts I care to make public this morning.

Well, maybe a couple. (Of course.)

Here's one: is Jon from Jon and Kate Plus 8 really cheating on his wife? I heard a dj talking about it on the radio this morning and she was blaming Jon's possible infidelity on Kate's hair cut and "shrill" personality. Really? Does that make it ok to cheat?

Which leads me to this question: would you ever be on a reality show? What would your reality show focus on? Mine would be canceled after one episode, I guarantee it. The producers would be constantly begging me to do something interesting until eventually they just gave up on me.

Here's another question: are you in a fight with someone and they don't know it? I've been on both sides of this recently and it's kind of amusing.

Here's my last thought: summer is coming - I could feel it in the air this morning. And I can't wait.


Chris Willie said...

No, I double-checked! You're not on my "secret feud" list at all! :)

Man, people have been insane with the Kate hate for some time. (Television Without Pity had to shut down their Jon and Kate Plus 8 boards awhile back because the raisin cakes that post there were so wound up about how much they dislike her that they actually started calling social services en masse to try to get the kids taken away from her. Yep, they were so bothered by a woman they saw on the teevee that they actually tried to mess with her life.) It doesn't surprise me to hear that they're blaming her if Jon was actually cheating. Because they are out of their ever-lovin' minds.

I love reality shows--and actually auditioned for Big Brother a couple years ago, as a lark--but don't think I'd ever actually want to be on one. Unless it was some sort of Mystery Science Theater 3000 meta-show where the show would consist of me watching other reality shows with my friends and making fun of them. (The shows, not my friends.) (Maybe my friends too.)

Kathy said...

The only secret fight I have is with the dummies that flag my craigslist postings. As a result, I've started flagging postings for no good reason. Earlier, I flagged an ad for a little girls pink bicycle that was for sale. Have fun trying to sell it now.

Oh, and there is the secret fight with Justin over who can crunch louder. So far he's winning. Especially right now.

justin said...

Kathy: are you talking about my fiber plus bar that I was just unwrapping? that's the only noise that was going on over here. My lunch has been very quiet this week. I'll be sure to bring my big bag of shrimp chips when I return next week.

But yeah, Kathy is really the only person I have secret fight(s) going on with. The reasons range anywhere from her reckless driving and loud horn to stealing my strawberries from the fridge to her petitioning to get my new desk space moved to the fallout shelter.

You'll never see me on a reality show. It's hard enough to get me in front of a camera to have my picture taken. I would be way too conscious of the cameras and would not be myself most of the time. If for some reason I did have a reality show the theme song would probably be "Chocolate Rain"...or "Roam".

Katherine said...

I've definitely been on the receiving end of a secret fight - what the heck did I do to make that girl so angry?! - and yes, on occasion, have shunned someone without their knowledge. (This is what we call "less effective.") I think you should have a reality show about your office. It may have been done, but y'all have some crazy antics (shenanigans?) going on there. As for my life, no one wants to watch a show about an angry art teacher...