Sunday, May 3, 2009


I vowed not to write anything more about the swine flu, I really did. But people have been asking me if I'm going to update the map I made the other day. And once I realized people were counting on me, I just couldn't let them down. I mean, this is the swine flu we're talking about. If the media has taught us anything this week, it's that we should never stop thinking about the possibility - nay, probability- of a total N1H1 flu pandemic. I'm just here to fuel the fire.

The first map contains information I gathered from several maps online. In some states, the cases have not yet been confirmed.

I feel the second map is more complete. And much easier to update. (Maybe the pig can say something new everyday?)

I hope you have found these maps thorough and informative. Good luck not getting the swine flu. I really do hope you don't get it.


David and Linda said...

Oink oink, oink oink oink oink! That's swine for " Prepare prepare, the end is near!" I looked it up on Google Languages. I still think we can take them down. Never give up, never surrender!!

D said...

I think we need a trip to Hawaii- no swine flu there! :)

Of course we'll probably catch it on the plane there...

D said...

But hey - look on the bright side- if we catch it then we will have a natural immunity to it.

Kathy said...

Looks like I'm moving to Alaska. I hear they have pretty mild winters, so that will be nice.