Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The government shut down and all I got was this lousy t-shirt

Welp, our government shut down. It's complicated but I think what went down is basically something like this:

The only thing about the shutdown that actually makes me happy is the tweets. I want to share with you some of the tweets that made me laugh the most since last night:

"Weight watchers points are irrelevant during a government shutdown." - @LouisPeitzman

"I'm kind of embarrassed the government thought to shut down the government before the rest of us did." - @joshgondelman

"I'm just sticking flags in random pieces of land and claiming 'em. It rules." - @Mikescollins

"The big 'Years Without a Government Shutdown' sign on the Hoover Dam flips from '17' to '0.' The lights flicker once and then go out." - @KenJennings

"No budget for old men." - @samir

"So, we have to reset the government every 108 minutes now?" - @thejakeshenry

"Well, time to loot the Smithsonian. I choose to walk towards an uncertain future wearing Lincoln's hat and Fonzie's jacket." - @badbanana

"Okay, so a government shutdown DOESN'T mean I can release thousands of hamsters into Times Square. Live and learn. Also I need bail money." - @brendohare

"It's like, govern much?" - @Psquatch



Christi said...

I love the last one of Ron. He really would be so proud!

violet50 said...

These did make me laugh! Ken Jennings' made me laugh out loud. I love the picture of Jerry and George fighting, and of Ron's happy face. The hamsters one made me laugh, too. They were all good. We might as well laugh. The only alternative is to get mad.

Wee Sisters Three said...

Someone on the radio today said, "Now that the government's shut down does this mean we get our money back?" Ha! Those quotes were all hilarious.