Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wednesday Thoughts

About a month ago, I started a new medication for a routine problem (I turn into a donkey if I don't take the pills). Out of curiosity, I thought I'd scan the new bottle for the possible side effects. Normally I don't like to do that for the same reason I don't like to read jacket covers on a new book. I like to be surprised. My doctor gives me a new medicine, and I run out the door yelling, "no spoilers!"

Anyway, I checked out the bottle and saw one of the weirdest possible side effects: fear. "Can cause feelings of fear." My first thought was, "Oh great, right before Halloween."

The good news is that side effect hasn't manifested itself.... yet. I'm worried though that it could happen at the worst time. Like, what if I watch Hocus Pocus and have to cover my eyes? What if "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" gives me nightmares? What if I have to sleep with the lights on after watching Mr. Boogedy?


I started looking through my scary movies the other day, in preparation for the season. I can't wait to start watching them. I only like to get mildly scared though - I like a good PG-13 scare. I'm not cool with being really scared and/or grossed out.

Here's a short list of "scary" things I do not think are scary:

Ghouls (no one even knows what those are)
Mr. Boogedy
Basically any monster
Witches, 50% of the time

Here's another list of things I do think are scary:

Witches, 50% of the time

I am NOT cool with ghosts or intruders.

I think the movie that scares me the most of any I've seen is The Grudge. I hate that movie. The Grudge (I refer to the ghost in the movie as The Grudge) breaks all the ghost rules. You hide under your covers? She shows up. I thought we had an agreement with ghosts - they can NOT go under covers. You know what, I'm not going to get into the other stuff the Grudge does, because I just can't. She's too much. I can't go there...

I think my medicine's kicking in.

What's your favorite kind of Halloween/scary movie?

Happy Wednesday!


violet50 said...

Ha! I love your comment: "No Spoilers". That's pretty much my motto in life. I don't need to know any more about what might kill me. Commercials for most medications are scary. The only scary/Halloween movie I like is Hocus Pocus. That's it. I don't even like Boogety. I'm too suggestible. And now I'm going to go and watch some Mr. Rogers.

Katherine said...

I also love the no spoilers part!! Hee hee!!! I think I'm with you on your list of non-scary things. Aliens are only scary (sometimes) on The X-Files, otherwise they're suuuuper annoying, especially when they're a plt twist. I mean, really, screenwriters???!??! ALIENS? That's the best you could come up with? And I'm ready for the zombie craze to be o'er already (I felt like spicing up my comment a little with some old-timey talk...).

Things I DO think are scary: The Changeling's ghost (Joseph), creepy flirtatious men, centipedes, and blood. Ew.

Liz said...

I loved this post.
Sure, you say you're not scared of zombies but when the zombie apocalypse happens you're going to be begging to come into my bunker.

Brooke Romney said...

Best line..."No Spoilers!" you kill me.