Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Halloween Crafting II

Sorry non-crafting friends, but I have to post again about crafting! Whenever the weather starts to cool off, I get into crafting mode. Ok, that's not true - I'm always in crafting mode. But I'm even more into crafting in the fall and winter.

Ok, anyway. Onto the crafts! The first two crafts were inspired by projects I found on various blogs. The first comes from one of my favorite blogs, The Art of Doing stuff. The second one comes from somewhere on the internet. I seriously can't remember where. But it's out there. It's a super easy project! But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Project #1: Pumpkin Diorama

This pumpkin diorama is made by cutting a circle into a hollow craft pumpkin. Joann's has these paper mache pumpkins for 50% off right now. This one cost me $5. I just had to buy some craft paint for $1 to paint it. They also sell hollow craft pumpkins that I believe are made of foam, and those are also 50%,  but they are still kind of expensive.

Once you cut a hole, you just build a diorama inside! I bought a creepy light to put in mine, but it didn't work, so I don't have a shot of that yet. I got all the interior supplies (and the crow) from the dollar store. I think the total cost for this project was $10-$12! Not bad, huh?

I used an exacto knife to cut it open, but I kinda stabbed myself in the process so be careful! (A little blood on the pumpkin only adds to the spookiness though, so it's up to you and your level of dedication.) I cut the pumpkin before I painted it, and I painted the inside white. I left it looking crackled on the inside though cause it's spookier.

I'll post another picture when I get a new light for the inside. You'll be able to see the interior details better that way.

Project #2: Faux gumball machine

For the second project you will need: a clay flower pot and base, a wooden craft ball (JoAnn's), paint, a hot glue gun, ribbon, and a glass bowl.

You can see I'm not a craft blogger by the fact that I left it on the paper towel for the picture. I was afraid some of the interior paint might still be slightly wet and would drip through. Anyway, I think this project is pretty self explanatory! Just assemble as pictured. Plus, this one involves candy. SCORE.

Project #3: Gourd decorating

This project is a family tradition started by my aunt and uncle. We've been doing this for years! Every fall, on the weekend of General Conference (a semiannual church broadcast), we get together on Sunday to watch it together and paint gourds. My uncle is a teacher, and he gives most of these away to his teacher friends.

Supplies needed: gourds (duh), craft markers or paint, hot glue gun, and any craft items you want! Pipe cleaners, feathers, felt, doll hair, googly eyes, etc.

It's a super easy, family friendly project!

I hope you are all enjoying this season as much as I am! 

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violet50 said...

These are all so cute! You are very talented in implementing these ideas. And we are the beneficiaries.