Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wednesday Thoughts

Last night I went with some friends to a restaurant called Bone Heads BBQ. The restaurant's claim to fame?

It's haunted.

(Read about its ghostly history here.)

As you can imagine, Bone Heads plays up its haunted history big time at Halloween. Our server told us of several ghostly experiences she's had since she started working there a year and a half ago. Namely:

  • her "no break" hair band snapped after she felt a ghostly finger pushing down on it
  • her apron strings were tugged on when no one was behind her
  • some baskets near her started shaking when nothing else was moving
  • she's felt a ghostly presence
  • patrons have told her that they've held entire conversations with ghosts at their tables
  • the bartender has seen glasses fly off the shelves
I, myself, didn't experience anything other worldly. Though I did hear a voice whisper, "Are you the keymaster?" at one point. But it was probably nothing.

I took a few pictures last night in the hopes of seeing something...

The food at Bone Heads is average, but the pickle chips are out of this world. Seriously. SO good. I'd give up my first born for a plate of those pickle chips (joke's on you because I don't have a first born).

Are there any "haunted" places near you?

In other Wednesday Thoughts, the other day my grandma was telling me about a time she believed she got a phone call from her husband (my grandpa) who had passed away. In the phone call, he asked her to provide a gravestone for a relative who had died long ago and didn't have one. I told my grandma that she can feel free to call me anytime after she passes away, but that she better memorize my phone number now. She laughed and said that when she calls me, she will say, "Elizabeth, are you married yet?" Then she asked, "And what will you say?" I laughed and said that I will say yes.

Of course, I have no idea if I will be married then, but I'll worry about that when I'm getting phone calls from beyond the grave.

Happy Wednesday!


jules said...

I had strange things happen to me when I worked at Dan's in Saline, but the Dan's in Clinton is WAYYYY haunted. Saw a ghost in the basement of the place, saw the grease trap from the grill fly across the bar. It was pretty freaky.

Wee Sisters Three said...

I have been watching "Long Island Medium" lately (don't judge, I've been sick and can't sleep and have watched everything else on Netflix) and she says that those white spots in pictures really ARE our lived ones spirits. I see a little blurry ness in your pictures. Just sayin'.

Katherine said...

There are ghosts in your pictures.

violet50 said...

I saw them, too. I've never had any ghostly experiences and that's fine with me. But then I have ringing in my ears and maybe that scares them. :)