Thursday, October 17, 2013

Electric Youth

Have you guys seen the new tv show, The Goldbergs? I caught up on it on Hulu last night, and so far I'm loving it. It's a total throwback. It brought back so many memories! The wallpaper, the clothes, the VCR's, the cultural references. It's awesome.

I started the 1980's as basically a toddler, and ended the decade in middle school. Those are some formative years, people. 

It got me thinking about all the things I loved in the 80's, which of course led to me making a list. A list I will now share with you. I'm freaking out because I might have forgotten something, and this list is official. Like, "going on my permanent record" official.

Anyway, here's my list of things I particularly loved in the 80's. Some of them I still love to this day. Do they still sell Electric Youth perfume by Debbie ("Deborah") Gibson? Asking for a friend.

New Kids on the Block (DUH)
charm necklaces
jelly bracelets
slap bracelets
trapper keepers
Saturday morning cartoons
my allowance
roller skating
music: Bon Jovi, Weird Al, Madonna, Michael Jackson, and when Kokomo came out, the Beach Boys
tv (esp TGIF)
Newhart (my parents watched it but I loved it)
Family Ties
Growing Pains
Full House (still my greatest love)
velcro sneakers
Hands Across America
Cap'N Crunch
frozen rootbeer
Teddy Ruxpin
the Disney Channel (I was SO excited when my dad started subscribing to this cable channel!)
Strawberry Shortcake
shopping at Kmart
in the late 80's, shopping at the mall (or more accurately, loitering at the mall)
Carebears (esp. the Carebear stare)
Cabbage Patch Kids
cassette singles
The Baby-Sitters Club
Teen Beat magazine
Top 10 video countdown Saturday mornings (I still remember my shock upon finding out that Rick Astley was [and still is] white)
Sassy magazine
The Cosby Show
Puberty (kidding, I hated that. It's the worst. Never mention it again.)
dreaming big
Recording songs off the radio
side pony tails
Punky Brewster (except the episode when Cherie got stuck in the old fridge)
Girl Scouts
We are the World
Fisher Price record players
Saving the people of Ethiopia, one penny at a time
Paula Abdul
Electric Youth perfume
New York Seltzer (why did it have to end!?)
You Can't Do That On Television
Book orders (gosh, why can't we still have those!?)

What are some things you loved in the 80's? And if you say something like, "not being born yet," or "I was just a baby," you're dead to me.


Katherine said...

They STILL HAVE BOOK ORDERS!!! I mean, in schools. Not in real life. Sadly. I loved all of the things you listed, too. Also roller skating, slouch socks, and the beginnings of tight-rolled pants. And boy band-themed sleepovers! It was so rad. (Also the word "rad." And "tubular," "bogus," and "sweet." Or was sweet more '90s?)

lizzie mc.- said...

I've been having this retro mode lately... a few extras.

Primary color block shirts
Spirograph (I'm currently shopping for one for my son's birthday)
Star wars
Lite Brite
Holly Hobby
Easy Bake ovens
Leg warmers
Strawberry shortcake
My little pony
Earphones that would dwarf Andre the Giant (hence Andre the Giant)
Princess Bride
A line denim skirts
Zeltzer Seltzer
Penny candy at The Village Market
The controversial new red M&M
War dodge ball
The Never ending story
Baby sitters club
Pop rocks
Bubble tape...
Thanks this has been a fun trip down memory lane!

Anne Elliot said...

Debbie Gibson was my favorite!
I also loved the Pocket Rockers, Small Wonder, Mr. Belvedere, wearing two different colored shirts socks and rolling them, banana clips, and the little round plastic things you put on one side of your shirt.

Funny story about the charm necklaces - we found one when we were cleaning out a room at my Grandma's house - somehow it ended up in her purse and now she pulls it out every once in a while and tells us how she kept that in her purse for the kids to play with in Sacrament meeting - just one problem - one of the charms is a big whistle!

jules said...

Vivenne gets Scholastic book orders in Pre School! Yay!!! I was so excited!

Sweet was very 80's because I can remember going roller skating and always hearing it and I graduated in 1990 so it was definitely the 80's.

Roller skating was my favorite thing and Jordache or Gloria Vanderbilt jeans, White rain hairspray, perms, pegged pants, nylon parachute pants, zippered shirts and jackets, Jovann Musk, troll dolls, puffy stickers, Keds with the laces tied in funky ways, Marti Walker was my favorite store, wearing bandannas as bracelets and around our legs, Scrunchies to match outfits, banana clips, big hair, those barrettes that were ribbon with beads on the ends, friendship pins on your shoes, Duran Duran and Bon Jovi...LL Cool J I need Love, Janet Jackson, Jessica McClintock dresses for dances.

Sara said...

Jello pudding pops and jello gelatin pops. It makes no sense at all that they stopped making those!