Tuesday, October 15, 2013


On the main screen of my cell phone, there's a notebook ap. It came with the phone. For the most part, I use this to store shopping lists, random thoughts, quotes, observations, and blog ideas. Once those thoughts are typed into the notebook, I almost never remember to go back and look at them again. But last night, I thought I'd scroll through and see if there was anything useful I should remember.

There wasn't.

But there were a lot of gems that I thought I'd share with you. Some of you might remember the last time I revealed the inner workings of my mind as manifested in a "Reminders" ap on my phone (link). These are almost as ridiculous.

1. A list of words that I think sound like their meaning. If I recall correctly, I couldn't sleep the night I made this list (the time stamp confirms this). I can't take full responsibility for my thoughts at 12:48AM. What words would you add?

2. I don't know what this list is about. I do know that I spelled poor Thaddeus McCotter's name horribly wrong. This list makes no sense whatsoever and I can not for the life of me remember how these things relate to each other. But the fact that it was made at 2:15 AM helps explain that.

3. I used to listen to A Prairie Home Companion on my way to church every Sunday (And I still would except church starts at a different time now). Apparently I thought these lines were hilarious in one particular show, so I typed them out to laugh about later. I must admit, I laughed last night upon finding this note.

"She gave new meaning to the word Caucasian" - ha!

4. This note is from when I came up with a BRILLIANT name for a plant store. Sadly, when I googled it later, I saw that it was already taken. I wasn't actually planning on opening a store for selling plants (I believe those are called nurseries?) but once I came up with the name, it became a real possibility.

5. I'm actually really, really surprised I stored this "joke" considering how un-funny I typically find sexist jokes. But for whatever reason, I thought this was worth remembering. It's a joke one of my uncles told at a family party. It was received with a lot of groans.

I'm still groaning and shaking my head, two years later.

Other notes simply said things like "egg white powder," "94," Cs3," my password to the Harry Potter website "Pottermore" (I'm in the Ravenclaw house), the name of the Family Ties episode in which I saw that the Keaton's and I have the same jello mold, and so on and so forth. Like I said, gems.

One thing I learned from this: I need to start deleting these notes way more often. Or start taking more notes. I can't decide.


Katherine said...

HA!! These notes are SO good. I love them. And that first quote from Prairie Home Companion is SO accurate to what I often see!! Ridiculous.

EDown said...

Must have been the "Bad" uncle.

Elizabeth Downie said...

haha, must've been. ;)

Jeff Chase said...

I'm also in Ravenclaw!

violet50 said...

I would add sizzle, buzz, whirr, and vroom. The Prairie Home Companion quotes are priceless. Plant Parenthood is brilliant and I think they read your mind and stole it from you. Hard to prove in court, though. The joke is funny and awful at the same time and I think the proper uncle already took credit/blame.

Brooke Romney said...

caress, moist, hmmm I think about this often and know I have more.