Monday, December 17, 2012


So, I kinda dropped the ball on yesterday's scheduled post, which was supposed to be on the best Christmas movies. I fell asleep really early, unintentionally. You know how sometimes you have a really busy day, and you change into your Flux Capacitor t-shirt and cozy up in bed for a "nap" but then your bed holds you captive and you fall asleep for the night? Yeah. So I'll have to reschedule that post! In case you like structure in your life, here is this weeks schedule of posts!

Monday (later today): Christmas Past
Tuesday: Christmas Present
Wednesday: Wednesday Thoughts
Thursday: Christmas Future
Friday: End of the World
Saturday: Left-overs
Sunday: Best Christmas movies

Check back later today for a Christmas Past post!


Sarah said...

I love that now I know what to look forward to on your's like having a crystal ball! :) GIDDY!! :)

elliespen said...

But... if the world ends on Friday I'll never get to hear about the best Christmas movies....