Thursday, December 27, 2012

Aunt Date

Every now and then I like to take my nieces and nephews out for aunt dates. On Christmas I reminded my nephew that our aunt date was this week! He excitedly said, "I know what we can do for our aunt date! We can go to the mall and you can buy me stuff!" This was on Christmas by the way, after we'd opened presents. I think he still had the taste of new toys in his mouth and wanted more.

Suffice it to say, I did the aunt thing and scoffed at his idea, and instead, took him to a museum. Which, by the way, he loved. We went to the Henry Ford museum, which is my favorite. There is so much cool stuff there, including the bus Rosa Parks refused to move to the back of, the Wienermobile, the chair Lincoln was assassinated in, and I was about to say the car Kennedy was assassinated in, but was afraid that would make the whole museum seem too macabre. But yeah, they have that too.

They also have a temporary display of Lego structures, which is what I took my nephew to see. It was also the room we spent the least amount of time in. Once he heard about the Wienermobile, that was all he wanted to see!


Without meaning to, we dressed alike too. We're not cheese-balls. It was an accident, I promise.

He refuses to look normal for pictures, which is one of my favorite things about him.

I told my nephew about Rosa Parks at lunch. He was shocked to hear about the discrimination of the time. When we walked by a KKK uniform in a display case later and he said, "look, a ninja costume!" I didn't have the heart to tell him what it actually was. Here he is with and on the bus. They have a light shining on the seat where Rosa Parks sat.

After that, we walked through a display on women's rights. Part of the display is a jail cell (since that is where some women fighting for rights were sent). I didn't get into this history with him either, so he thought the jail cell was pretty fun to pose in.

Even though we didn't go to the mall and buy things, I'd say the aunt date went pretty well. Especially since it ended with sledding:



Katherine said...

I love that little guy!!!! SO cute!!!

D said...


violet50 said...

A civil rights photo op with an innocent child who can't comprehend such evil. Unintentional but powerful. Great pictures. And the wienermobile rocks. You're a good aunt!

heather said...

i love that you guys dressed the same on accident! that's amazing :) you are a great aunt to have "aunt dates", too awesome!

Angela said...

I've been totally wanting to go to the Ford Museum! All the years my brother has lived there, he's never been either! I WANNA GO!!!!