Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Yet To Come

The ghost of Christmas Yet to Come is the scariest one of all. As a "shadow of what may be," it seems to take the form of a shadow itself. A really freaky shadow:

I don't like it. Like, at all. It's almost as scary as Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas music. If I saw this guy and heard the Trans-Siberian Orchestra playing, I would know I was in Hell. Those are both more well suited for Halloween, let's be honest.

But I digress.

The things this shadow showed me are the things that will happen unless I get my act together. Namely:

Yep. Crazy cat lady. I'm not really that into cats, but I am on a scary path towards spinsterhood unless I get my act together.

And this:

...if I don't stop eating Christmas candy. Why the Ghost of Christmas yet to come would show me Honey Boo Boo as a warning, I don't know. Because let's be honest, Honey Boo Boo has it better than most of us. What with the red neck games and 'sketti and all. And on top of that, Honey Boo Boo and her "kin" have more self esteem that I'll ever have.

All in all, my visit with this ghost was my least favorite. Yet I cling to this quote:

“Men’s courses will foreshadow certain ends, to which, if persevered in, they must lead,” said Scrooge. “But if the courses be departed from, the ends will change."

What do you think the Ghost of Christmas yet to Come would warn you about?

I'll start worrying about it after tomorrow if the world doesn't end.


Katherine said...

HA! I love the crazy cat lady from the Simpsons! Not so much Honey Boo Boo, though. She's scary... Up there with the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come!!! Though he IS the most terrifying... I like the quote!!

Liz said...

That picture of the ghost of yet to come kinda reminds me of a dementor. Do you think maybe they are related?

Sarah said...

This is horrifying! Unpost, unpost el pronto!! :)

Stephanie said...

And I officially need to get my life back on track. The terrifying Honey Boo Boo picture stared me down and I am so going to find a Russian gym to join. After New Year's resolutions hit, of course...:)

elliespen said...

Heh. My husband's comment every time Trans-Siberian Orchestra comes on the radio is: "Christmas is here . . . AND IT'S TERRIFYING."

Of course, whenever Mannheim Steamroller comes on he starts giving the five-day forecast because apparently that's the only music the weather station plays where he grew up in Florida, so I don't know if his Christmas music associations are entirely normal.

I don't think you will become a crazy cat lady, but on the bright side, even if you did just think of the blog material that would open up.