Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Little Update

I know I was supposed to blog yesterday about the "End of the World" but I got busy and it didn't happen. But here are my thoughts on what happened yesterday:

In other updates, I've had a fun weekend so far. I taught my friend, Sarah, how to make brownie truffles:

She was a natural!

Then later in the day, at my dad's family birthday party, I taught my nieces and nephew how to build with Lincoln Logs:

I also made some more crayons, using the slave labor of my sister, Heather, and her kids, to peal the labels:

And lastly, I've been making treats for a family gathering tomorrow:

And all of these things are the reason this post is mostly pictures! But I'll be back tomorrow to talk about the BEST Christmas movies! Hope to see you then.


Katherine said...

So many yummy treats!! And I LOVE those crayons!!! AND Lincoln Logs, of course. I also agree with Comic Book Guy.

violet50 said...

You've got to open your own Sweet Shoppe some day. Those look (and taste) so good!

Huy Dang said...

Best Comic Book Guy caption ever!

Sui Sin Far said...

Really into your crayon doughnuts! Especially that midnight starry blue one and the red-orange fire one.