Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Present

The duty of the ghost of Christmas Present is to show a person something going on in their life that they are neglecting, but that could be better if they would tend to it. In the case of Scrooge, he was shown children who were hungry and cold. He was also shown the family of Bob Cratchit, his underpaid employee with an ill son. He saw that his selfishness caused others to suffer, and he was saddened by it.

What I was shown shook me to the core. If I had had any idea that I had been neglecting this person, I would have happily tended to him and shown him love. 

What the ghost showed me was a man who loves me deeply and has, through some popular movies, tried to make himself known to me, but so far I have been blind to his pleas. On that dark night, as I floated hither and yon with the ghost, this is the sad, sad sight I was pained to see. 

Yes, Ryan Gosling, I know you exist! Luckily for me, the spirits show you what might have been, not what will be. I'll buy Ryan the biggest turkey in the window! Yes, the one as big as me! This story will surely have a happy ending. 


Katherine said...

I can't stop laughing!!!!!! He looks so forlorn in the photo!!!!

violet50 said...

How could you do this to him? Poor guy!

Angela said...

You know, his sister served on TSQ with me (we weren't comps). So every time I see a pic of him i kinda crack up a bit.