Saturday, December 15, 2012

How to Dance

If you need something to lift your spirits tonight, have I got the thing for you. The other night, after the cookie exchange, I was hanging out with my nieces and nephew for a bit. At one point we were doing silly dances and my niece, never one to hold back an opinion, told me she did not like my dance. I asked her if she could teach me to dance, and this is what she did (Katherine added the music later):

I've watched it about a hundred times. Please note the mismatched socks. Could she be any cuter?


Katherine said...


violet50 said...

I agree!! Where did she learn how to do the twist? Was she channeling Chubby Checker? She would it have been a hit on American Bandstand!

Emily said...

I love this. She is adorable. If you post a video of you doing the same dance I will give you 1 million dollars.

D said...

She's got moves! I want more!