Monday, December 10, 2012

I've made a huge mistake

.... I decided to engage in a Facebook debate.

As far as I can tell, the rules of a Facebook arguement are thus:

1. It's ok to be rude to people you don't know
3. Similar to number 2, people who disagree with you are uninformed/dumb.
4. See number 2.
5. Rinse.
6. Repeat.

Please remind me to never engage in these debates again!


Christi said...

I find that rule #2 works just as well in real life. Just a tip.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Very good point!!! Thanks!

Katherine said...

HA! I love the GOB pics!! And I'll definitely remind you not to do that again. FB debates are the worst!!

Liz said...

I'm dying to know what the debate was.

Elizabeth Downie said...

It was about Unions and Right to Work. Guh.

James Fuller said...

Facebook debates are actually great. You would realize this if you weren't inept.

Elizabeth Downie said...

James this is my favorite comment ever!

Anonymous said...

What I usually do is give my opposing opinion and then forthwith BLOCK everyone above my comment that's a stranger! We all win. I think.

Christi said...

Lol, I read that as "It was about Unicorns and Right to Work"

Maybe you should have thrown that in the debate, it couldn't help?

Christi said...

It could help! Not couldn't.