Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day in Detroit

Yesterday morning, while still lying in bed, I did a quick check of my email on my phone. One email in particular caught my eye. It was a promotional email from the scooter store telling me I might be eligible for a free or discounted scooter. Um, what!? Ok, I know I just had a birthday last week, but I am not old enough to need a scooter. Yet.

However, later in the day I went to Detroit to go to the North American International Auto Show, and in order to get to the People Mover, I had to walk through the Greektown casino (I didn't gamble). And guess what? I got carded. So I guess in the end, yesterday was a wash, age wise. 

After getting carded, my day really picked up. I went to the auto show with friends to start. Not being a car person myself, I don't know what to report to you on that. I saw a lot of cars. Most of them had four wheels, some of them had souped up dashboards, they were all in various colors. I think most of them probably had radios and CD players. Oh, and gas pedals for sure. Brake pedals too.

On the right you'll see some pictures of some cars I thought were pretty. I know nothing about them, so don't ask. I liked one of them because it reminded me of Barbie's dream car.

Another cool car was on roller coaster tracks (but we couldn't ride in it). :(

One car looked boring but a bazillion people were staring at it so I was forced to take picture.

Some cars looked like they were from the future.

Another car had tinted windows and messages went across the side. I would love to see this car driving past me on the road. I took pictures of a few of its looks:

But all the cars had one thing in common: I'll never be able to afford any of them.

After that I met up with a couple other friends and we went ice skating at Campus Martius in the heart of downtown Detroit, which is something I've been wanting to do for a long time. It was as fun as I'd imagined except there were a million kids, and they were playing tag (on the ice, in ice skates), and they weren't that awesome at ice skating. Needless to say, it's amazing they all left without severed limbs.

Skating companions!
So all in all, it was a very successful and fun Martin Luther King Jr. Day. And not only did I do some good hard thinking about civil rights yesterday, but I drove past Martin Luther King Blvd. What are the odds!?*

Also, I got to continue my tradition of doing something new in Detroit with Sarah and Sara on MLK Day. Last year we went feather bowling, this year ice skating, next year... (?) Suggestions welcome!

*pretty good, actually.


violet50 said...

Barbie car, ha! I know as little about cars as you do. I like pretty ones and that means they have color. As I drive down the street I notice how many cars are white, beige, gray, and black -the majority!! I want to see cars with color - reds, blues, greens [but only certain greens], etc. I think it's a conspiracy by someone - not sure who. I think of it as the beiging [not the city in China] of America. So when I see a car with color I silently cheer!
Oh, and I'm glad you had so much fun yesterday. Maybe next year you can go for a sleigh ride at Greenfield Village. If we have snow, that is.

Stephanie Curtis said...

So I am pretty sure that "boring" car is one that I worked on when I was working in Product Development.....I am soooooo excited to go see it on Saturday. That and the new Fusion.

It sounds like a great trip.

Melissa C said...

So glad you enjoyed the auto show! This is the first year I haven't gone in 11 years! Holy cow! I am old. I should have the scooter after that comment!

Oh, I don't mean to be a pain, but you used "break" instead of "brake". As a brake engineer, I got ingrained in my head NEVER to make that mistake. It makes your bosses SUPER ANGRY and your professors fail you.

Katherine said...

HA! I like your descriptions of the cars. Having gone today, I agree that many of the cars are pretty. And the one everyone was staring at so you took a picture was rather uninteresting, but I love the color! I took a picture of it, too. :) I'll admit I got a little disenchanted after a couple of hours, but then became re-interested once I got my Ryba's Fudge. ;) Plus I just like sitting in cars I could never afford!

P.S. Did you see the double-seater scooter in the basement of Cobo? So romantic!

Elizabeth Downie said...

Stephanie, the "borning" car was a Lincoln, which I actually love. But I didn't see what the big whoop was.

Melissa, your comment made me laugh! I actually do know the difference between break and brake, it was just a "fast-typing-typo". I'll fix it. :) You crack me up.

Katherine, I totally saw that and the people I was with teased me about it!