Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Last night I made a huge mistake. I watched the Lifetime Original Movie, "Untouchable" about Drew Peterson (the accused wife killer), starring Rob Lowe. You would think that since it was a Lifetime movie, and Lifetime is known for encouraging trust in men and marriage*, it would be really positive and life affirming, but if you thought that you would be wrong. It was really upsetting. For one thing, Drew Peterson is straight up terrifying. For another thing, Rob Lowe should never again adopt the Drew Peterson look. It's a travesty.

The movie left me with a lot of questions: where is Drew Peterson's last wife, Stacey? Why was Drew SUCH A JERK!? And lastly, can a Lifetime movie be nominated for an Oscar, because seriously. The script was top notch** and the mid-western accents were very natural.***

Speaking of movies, the Best Picture Oscar Nominations were announced today! Usually I couldn't care less about these since I rarely see any of the nominated movies. But this year I've happened to have seen most of them. Here's the list of nominees (plus one), along with my 3-word assessment of each them (I've underlined the ones I've seen):

“War Horse” - Lots of death.
“The Artist” - Want to see!
“The Descendants” - Won't be seeing.
“The Help” - Loved it mucho!
“Hugo” - Would see again!
“Moneyball” - Different than expected.
“Midnight in Paris” - All around great!
“Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close” - Still too soon.
“The Tree of Life” - Looks really pretentious!
"Untouchable: The Drew Peterson Story" - Shouldn't be nominated.

What do you think of the nominations? Have you seen any of them? Would you recommend them? Which do you think should win? Out of the ones I saw, I think "The Help" was the best, though that's not an easy decision. Luckily for those nominated, my opinion means nothing to the Oscar committee. After all the calls I made asking why Chipwrecked wasn't nominated, they're now ignoring me.

*, **, *** soooo much sarcasm in this post. I hope you caught that.


violet50 said...

I saw and loved Hugo and Moneyball. I would like to see either of them nominated. I think "The Help" has a good chance and would like to see that and "The Artist". I agree that it's too soon for "Extremely..." And Rob Lowe should never look any differently than he does in "Parks and Rec." I hope they never discover the picture in his attic.

Katherine said...

Ha!! I love your three word summaries! So good. I haven't seen as many as you, but I loved Hugo and The Help and want to see The Artist and a couple of others. I also agree about Rob Lowe. He is way too cute to be playing creepy guys like that!! I'm sorry that Lifetime movie was such a disappointment. They're usually so reliably good!! ;)

Liz said...

Drew Peterson? I thought it was Scott Peterson. Or maybe I'm thinking of another wife killer.