Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday Thoughts

Today is my birthday. In an effort to be more positive about it, I hung up some balloons last night so I'd be cheered up in the morning. Unfortunately, I'm house sitting and the dog is terrified of the balloons, which I didn't realize. She won't go anywhere near the main room where she usually spends most of her time. So the balloons were a short term decoration, but they did cheer me up!

(hating life)
Other things that are cheering me up on my birthday?

My coworkers! Look at these awesome gifts they gave me, and the hilarious card one of them made for me:

Mustaches!? Funny pen? Flowers? Parks and Rec (check it out, I'm at their party!)!? Yes, please!

Oh, and even Facebook is cheering me up today. Birthdays are the one day of the year Facebook redeems itself for all the crappy things it did to you all year (showing you pictures of fun things you weren't inviting you to, letting you know that one guy you really liked is engaged now, showing you that picture of yourself where you looked really fat, etc).

And the last thing cheering me up today is all the comments you guys are going to leave me telling me your favorite things about me. Oh, did I just manipulate you? It's my birthday! Deal with it! (Plus, I was kidding. Or was I.)

The nice thing about having a birthday at the beginning of January is that it feels like a new start all the way around. New year, new age, new nose (when the bandages come off). I have noticed that people seem to be coming up with themes for 2012. Like, "move" or "be prepared" or "create". I really like the idea of a theme, and hopefully will come up with one before December. I only have one New Year's resolution: to learn how to French braid. Hopefully I can accomplish that soon, then just take it easy the rest of the year. We'll see.

Happy Wednesday!


lizzie mc.- said...

Happy birthday! And ha, and oh well, and yippee, and you've got to be kidding me. And could this be more filled with truly Elizabeth, I think not! So glad to celebrate with you... long distance!

Joyce and Bill said...

Happy Happy Birthday Elizabeth !! Here's your birthday present: a French Braid for your fringe :-)

Amy said...

Jin is terrified of balloons too! Last year on my birthday my upstairs neighbor had this grand plan to have me send Jin upstairs, where she was going to surprise me by tying a gift to his collar and sending him back down. It was a great idea, except that she also tried to tie a balloon to his collar. She had no idea how terrified he is of balloons. He put his tail between his legs and started backing away from her, then finally darted down the stairs to escape. When she appeared behind him with the balloon I couldn't stop laughing. But I also felt bad because I'm the one who made Jin afraid of balloons.

But enough about me. Today is all about you! Happy, happy, happy birthday! I hope you have a great day and get lots of birthday attention and get to pretend that you're all uncomfortable with the attention while secretly absolutely loving it, because that's what birthdays are for :).

violet50 said...

I like the idea of having one easily accomplished goal for the year and then coasting for the rest of the time. I think I'm going to do that on my birthday! I hope you have a wonderful birthday and birth-week! Love you!!

Katherine said...

Happy Birthday!!! Some things I like about you: you're funny, fun to be with, thoughtful, generous, encouraging, sometimes ridiculous (often...), a great sister, a great writer, and very creative!! I hope you have a fantastic birthday!!!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Your blog looks fun, I'll be back.

Battle Born Brainiac said...

Learn how to french braid. Guffaw. I love your blog it always puts me in a good mood. You are like a female lds Dave Barry. I hope you write books someday or come out with a day to day ElizabethDownieisms calendar. Happy Birthday!

Liz said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (Even though its not your bday anymore)
The date 1-11-12 which could be seen as 1 2 3 That's got to be lucky. I'm making you a gift so you might not get until next year cause I'm really slow and procrastinate. (Fingers crossed that the pattern I am using works and these pajama pants fit and that you love them) ;) don't worry I know you hate pj pants.