Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Eve

I typically find New Year's Eve a bit disappointing. Too much pressure, you know? It's gotta be AMAZING and you have to kiss someone at midnight and it sets the tone for the whole next year! That's way too much pressure for one night. I'd rather just stay in, eat some chips and dip, and watch a movie.

But this year I helped a friend throw a New Year's Eve party, and I have to say - I had a blast. It was a great way to start the new year! We played games, ate delicious food, laughed a lot, and drank some non-alcoholic bubbly at midnight. At midnight we also read our 2012 fortunes from some fortune cookies I made for the occasion.

idea and instructions here

These are the fortunes I wrote for the fortune cookies:

The funny part was that the wrong people got the wrong fortunes, generally speaking. The skinniest guy in the room got the one about going down a pants size, a manly man got the one about getting eyelash extensions, and I got to the one about everyone finding me good looking in 2012, which is like duh, I mean of course they will (I kid, I kid).

My friend also had a Magic Eight Ball out, which said without a doubt that I am going to get married this year. And those things don't lie. So things are really looking up.

Every year at midnight on New Year's Eve, my friend Jimmy texts me that it's going to be the BEST YEAR EVER. He's been doing this for I don't even know how many years, and even from a couple time zones away, he always sends me the text at midnight Eastern Standard Time. Last night was no different. This year, I am hoping he's right! And I think he is.

So far this is what 2012 has going for it:

1. Drama (cause of the whole Mayan end-of-world prediction)
2. Excitement (because it's a leap year - seriously, SO much potential there)
3. Intrigue (because of the presidential election - I'm thinking about throwing my name in the hat! Why not!?)
4. Espionage (I'm not totally clear on what that word means)
5. Romance (Oh, there will be romance - I can feel it)
6. Betrayal (I just know Snookie's going to try to pull something on Jersey Shore*)
7. Feats of Strength (summer Olympics, much?)
8. Beauty (I had a pretty good hair day today)

2012 - Best year ever? All signs point to yes!

*I've never seen that show in my life, for the record.


Katherine said...

BEST YEAR EVER!!!!!!! P.S. I love this post. Also, I'm SO excited that I got the fortune about bringing sexy back. 2012 will NOT know what hit it. P.P.S. I can't WAIT for the excitement that the Leap Year will bring to my life. It had better live up to all of the hype. You know, the hype you're giving it. Hmm...I hope that's not where the espionage comes in. Or the betrayal.

Heather said...

I gotta be honest, this leap year thing has t'd me a little o. Paige's 8th birthday was supposed to be on a Sunday but the extra day moved it to Monday. What? Annoying!
I am excited about this year though. I feel it might be the year I get in shape for real. Maybe I'll finally find a job I can do from home so I can convince jim to have another baby. I am cleaning out clutter from my house. I am hoping this is the year of getting new carpet on the basement stairs (yahoo! I am super pumped) . I think we should all try out for american idol this year...who's with me?
Btw: I miss jimmy. Who's with me?

Erin Harris said...

LOVE IT! 2012 IS going to be a good year! I can feel it too!

Audra said...

Every time I ready your blog I think, "This girl is pretty awesome!"

violet50 said...

The Mayan end of the world prediction, leap year, and the presidential election all in one year? Apocalypse! It IS going to be a super year. We are all going to do well on our diets - except the super skinny guy at your party.