Saturday, January 14, 2012

Snow Legs

The snowy, icy roads yesterday were eye opening. It's been a really mild winter here so far, so I wasn't prepared (emotionally) for the slippery ride I took to work, apparently beating the salt trucks on the road. It reminded me of this clip from Parks & Rec this week. Seriously, it was exactly like this, except for I was in a car, in the road.

The up side of snow is how cozy it makes you feel. Plus, unlike the birthday balloons, Daisy is loving it as evidenced in this picture of her rolling in the snow trying to get me to rub her belly, then later watching over the fence as I shoveled.

Ok, here's the thing about snow: it's pretty, and it's cozy, and it's sooooooo nice for Golden Retrievers to roll around in. Like, so nice. Plus, it's good for sledding, snow angel making, and probably something else but that's all I can think of. Here's the other thing: it is wet and heavy and makes the roads a straight death trap, not to mention the sidewalks which are unwalkable until you get your snow legs (like sea legs, but different).

But it's pretty, right? Let's just focus on that until May.


violet50 said...

Winter roads are scary, but it is pretty! That "Parks and Rec" clip is so funny and so well done. I laught just thinking about it. We can make it through winter!

Ashley said...

I concur with this post. Pretty, but scary.

Katherine said...

That picture of Daisy looking over the fence is one of the cutest things ever!!!! She's SO sweet!!! And Leslie's entrance!! SO good! I couldn't believe it was happening as I watched!