Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday Thoughts

Oh my goodness, it's Wednesday, isn't it? I'm off on my days this week since having Monday off.

So, this morning I made quite a spectacle of myself to any of my neighbors who may have been watching. My car door was completely frozen shut. I was running late so I didn't feel like going back inside to get hot water to pour on it, so after tugging and tugging for a long time, I ended up climbing in through the passenger side. Awesome.

I have one more winter complaint: heels and snow = no bueno.


But enough complaining about winter. I started watching Downton Abbey this week! I'm only two episodes in, but I'm definitely hooked. Do you guys watch the show? What do you think? (No spoilers, please!) So far I've noticed a few things about the show:

Moolah (I don't understand how old-timey lords kept the money coming in - does anyone?)
Scandal (cover-ups! pbs-style affairs! secret pasts!)
English words (not American-English)
Intrigue (I knew there would be intrigue in 2012! Called it!)

Anyway, thanks for your support in my post about dieting. I'm still half loca with my diet but I'm getting saner, I think. What are some healthy snack ideas that work for you? I usually try to snack on fruit or 100 calorie packs (though most of them are fiber-less and therefore not filling). I'd love to hear any tips! (Just don't say "rice cakes" - they really don't qualify as food.)

Well, since Wednesday sort of snuck up on me this week, I think those are all the thoughts I have today!

Happy Wednesday!


Katherine said...

I reeeeeeally wish I'd seen you climbing in your car this morning! Sigh. Next time call me first. And good luck with the snacks! I try to find interesting ways to eat fruits and veggies, like PB on celery or caramel dip for apples. Not too much, of course, but enough to make eating healthy more fun!

Trevor and April said...

I can only imagine you have a skirt on with those beautiful heels and skirts and snow don't mix either, you look cold.(but definitely not fat).

Healthy snacks in the winter are the worst. At least in the summer you can grab something like a peach, in the winter.... a bag of m&m's?

Jessica said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Downton Abbey!!

Julie- The Great Lakes Girl said...

Roasted chick peas make a nice diet-friendly snack.