Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday Thoughts

Happy tax day! But don't worry too much, there are some good things about tax day! Mainly, free eats. Check out these sites (1) (2) for some locations where you can get free food. And please let me know if you know of any others!

In other thoughts, over the weekend I was out with friends and we got to talking about songs that remind us of our early teenage years. I had already been thinking about it so I had a couple in mind. My top three are: (go ahead and click on the links. Trust me, you won't regret it. But a word of warning, I was only able to get through the first 40 seconds of the first one before I'd had enough.)

1) Right Here Waiting, Richard Marx (for some reason, this song really spoke to me when I was 12.)
2) Ice Ice Baby, Vanilla Ice (the perfect song for those awkward dances)
3) Blame it on the Rain, Milli Vanilli (either this one or Girl you Know it's True - it's a tough call)

Speaking of Milli Vanilli, were you guys mad when you found out they were lip syncing? I remember feeling that according to MTV News, I was supposed to be mad but in reality I just thought it was funny. I still totally rocked out to my Milli Vanilli cassette tape. No hard feelings, M.V.

After I turned 14, my music tastes improved (slightly) but these classics will always make me happy.

In other Wednesday thoughts, I was watching Gilmore Girls last night and the reruns are at the part where Rory starts dating Logan. I think I'm going to stop watching for awhile because I can't stand Logan. Between Dean, Logan, and Jess, I'd have to say Jess is the best for Rory even though he's a bit of a punk. What do you guys think? I'm going to post a poll on the side. This is important stuff so let your voice be heard.

Happy Rainy Taxy Wednesday. But no worries - Lost is on tonight. Lost will make everything better.


justin said...

I voted for Dean and Marty. Dean would have done anything for her, and Marty wasn't ashamed to wear her bathrobe around the entire dorm. Jess was a horrible influence.

I would pick Ice Ice Baby too, except I don't think I was a teenager yet ;P
I'm not sure I can pick just 3 because there are so many good ones, but the ones that come to mind right now are:

1.) Hootie and the Blowfish "Hold My Hand"
2.)Alanis "Ironic"
3.) "Macarena" (yes, I used to do that dance)

Chris Willie said...

My brother was deeply and inexplicably into Richard Marx when he was eight, so I wound up having to hear "Right Here Waiting" more than any human being should ever have to. (Alas, my attempts to lead him away from Richard Marx and into the comforting arms of Devo didn't take...)

(Which isn't to say that he still listens to Richard Marx, of course. But the fact that his first record purchase was the Dirty Dancing soundtrack, followed by ol' Richard's entire discography, I was worried for the fate of his musical taste for awhile there.)

"Ice Ice Baby" and "Blame it on the Rain" are still good for nostalgic, ironic fun, though!

Kathy said...

I definitely voted for Jess. He was THE BEST. Dean was so whiny. Blah. Dean.

I was also a huge fan of Ice Ice Baby. My top 3:

1. Beat It (gotta love Michael in his good years)

2. Can't Touch This (The GREAT MC Hammer)

3. Hold On ("Someday somebody's gonna make you wanna turn around and say goodbye..."-Wilson Phillips. Sorry, I had to sing a line.)

sterlingandbrandi said...

Wow, I just watched Richard Marx's video and was amazed at the HAIR! That was crazy! But I still felt very touched by the song....

opticwalrus said...

I think Rory really gravitates towards guys that treat her like crap (Jess, Logan) and loses interest in guys who are nice to her (Dean, Marty). One day I think she'll finally pull out of that.

I never really liked Jess in the beginning, but when Jess comes back in Season 6 and he's written a short novel and he's working at the independent publishing company, it becomes more clear why Rory liked him in the first place. He has grown and changed enough to be ready for a relationship with Rory, but unfortunately she is inexplicably with Logan at that point, even though he had been acting even jerkier than before. I really despise Logan, by the way. He drags the whole show down when he's onscreen.

D said...

Jess wasn't good for Rory but Rory was good for Jess. I liked him in Season 6 too.
Logan had his good moments where I thought he might just maybe live up to his potential but overall he was a stupid punk and Rory shouldn't have given him the time of day. Maybe then he really would have lived up to his potential.
I hated Dean when he was married. Argh! Such stupid choices!
I was so sad that Marty had such a small role. Rory was always herself around him. And he was smart enough for her. He was perfect really and I don't know why she never saw that. I will imagine that they run into each other somewhere down the road when he is uber successful and she is successful and ready to settle down and give Lorelai a grankid (while freelancing writing from home cause Rory is an overachiever). They would make cute smart kids.

Katherine said...

I totally agree with what Brian and Danielle said (re: Gilmore Girls)! Logan was a pantywaste, Jess was dumb at first but great in Season 6, Marty was sweet and may just marry Rory someday (though I can see a similar scenario working out with her and Jess when they've both grown up a bit more), and I have nothing nice to say about Logan, so shall refrain from saying anything at all.
In 80s news, for me it was the entire Madonna "True Blue" album that was my favorite. I did my best roller skating to that album! Richard Marx was up there, too. I think I felt a little betrayed by Milli Vanilli. I mean, they'd been singing their hearts out to us (or so we thought), then WHAM! It's some weird dudes singing with the pretty faces fronting the gig. Ouch. I recovered by listening to Joey MacIntyre beg me not to go ("Please Don't Go Girl" - classic!!) and Jordan Knight assuring me that I had the Right Stuff, while Donnie Walburg gave me a pep talk by telling me to "Hang Tough." Those New Kids sure helped us all through some trying times.

Heather said...

i am SHOCKED by how many people know a TON about gilmore girls! Wow. ....wwwoooowww. Crazy. I mean, i have all the season on DVD, i won'tdeny it, but to be honest, i thought i was one of a few to watch it.
I think jess is who she should have ended up with.

Angela said...

i'm so sad i missed the gilmore poll! i had rented all of the seasons and watched them with my mom and i missed stars hollow so much i just bought the ENTIRE collection in the cute case - i got it for SUCH a danged good deal i couldn't not click to purchase. anyway... Yeah, Dean cheated on his wife with Rory. NOT COOL. Not really the "nice" guy, was he? Jess was obnoxious at first, but i agree by the time he came back and he had found his niche in the world and stopped being so angry at the world, he wasn't so bad. and Logan was just an SOB of a trust fund kid. Just sayin.