Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday Thoughts

Something's happening to me. I'm not sure how old I am but I think I'm older than I thought I was. Here's the evidence:

1.) I went to the doctor yesterday (I have bronchitis) and when the nurse measured me, she said I am 5'3. 5'3!? I used to be 5'3 and three quarters. That three quarters meant a lot to me. It meant I could round up and say I was 5'4. But no longer. I lost an inch. Well, almost an inch. I asked her how it could be that I had lost that much height and she said maybe the last time they measured me I was wearing shoes. I know she was trying to comfort me, but that's just ridiculous. I've spent the last 20 hours trying to convince myself it was some kind of premature April Fool's joke, but at the same time I don't really think the 70 year old nurse was that cruel.

Evidence #2.) I said something to my grandma recently about how I can't wait to have kids someday and her response? "OR you can be a step mom to someone elses kids!" What? I have nothing against being a step mom, but I'm pretty sure I still have many childbearing years ahead of me. My grandma seems to think I've gone through "the change" already. I'm so confused. Am I older than I think I am? Do I have some kind of reverse Dorian Gray thing going on? When I look in the mirror I look my age, but everyone else sees me as old? Ok, I know that analogy has some holes, but bear with me. I'm sort of going through something here.

Time to move on. I have one more topic to cover. If you're not a Lost fan, you can skip this part. I'll understand. If you are a Lost fan and you missed last week's episode, then I should warn you, don't read on.

Ok, they're gone. So what do you guy think is going to happen with Ben!? Did Sayid really kill him as a child!? What consequences will this have on the future!? I was talking to my friend Mike B. about this a few days ago and he said to me, in the words of Doc Brown, "You're not thinking fourth dimensionally!" That's where he was wrong. I absolutely was thinking fourth dimensionally and it was blowing my mind.

But really, what are the writers going to do tonight? My guess (and I hope I'm wrong): they're going to take the easy way out and Ben won't die, he'll just be seriously injured. Jack will refuse to help him, and Juliet will have to do it. That would explain what turned Ben evil, and they won't have to alter any future events. Just a guess. It would be cool if he actually was dead (because he's pure evil) but I'd kind of miss the beady - eyed guy.

Lastly, happy April Fool's day! Has anyone seen or done any good pranks today?


David and Linda said...

First on your height. I was always 5'4 3/4", never 5'5"! And now I have shrunk. But I go with the idea that you were wearing shoes before.
As for "Lost" I really wish that Ben were dead. That would erase a lot of killings. But if John and Rose can be healed, so can Ben. The writers can do anything they want. But it would be fun to see what they would do with all of the changes that Ben's death in the past would bring.

Angie Cheney said...

Yeah, the island might cure him...I think he may actually die, but that the other Ben who came on the new plane will still exist, so it won't be an issue...we'll see though...

I've been surprised at all the fun pranks this year:
1. I got a facebook notification that Barack Obama confirmed me as his relative on We're funny!
2. Google, Guardian newspaper (too bad the Ann Arbor News didn't wait to announce today):
3. Wikipedia!
4. Kid Rock:
5. Detroit City Council:
6. hunting....

Can't wait for LOST tonight either!

Angela Baillio (Fernandez) said...

If I have childbearing years ahead of me then you do too!

I apologize for not being a Lost Fan. I didn't jump on the bandwagon when it started and I really love Heroes too much to be devoted to any other shows right now.

Kathy said...

I predict that the writers will take the easy way out. But they've shocked me before...I can't wait!!!!

I hope you're feeling better soon! You missed a small amount of action here. But maybe I just think that bc I'm always so bored. :)

btw- are you sure that's your correct height? I could have swore you were the same height as me- 6'4".

Dani said...

Yeah, so I came into my office this morning to find the entire wall behind my computer completely covered in mirrors. My back is to the door and people walk in all the time and make me jump (because they think it's HILARIOUS)--this is most likely a solution to the problem.

Brady said...

On the question of LOST:
#1 - I'm very happy with my non-paradoxical time travel, thank you very much. I believe it will continue.

#2 - How many times have we seen an almost fatal injury be healed? Even John Locke survived being shot. So, because he is in the future, he didn't die in the past. So he's ok. or at least not dead. Maybe in the future, he's a zombie, and has been all along.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Brady, I don't believe that because he's alive in the future, that he didn't die in the past. Remember in Back to the Future when Marty and his brother and sister started disappearing in the picture because Marty had changed the past (in the future...)? Or he changed the future in the past...It's all very confusing.

I'm not sure if the writers of Lost go by the same rules as BTTF though.

Katherine said...

Wow, E. Having just seen Hurley do the whole wondering-if-his-hand-would-disappear thing on "Lost" makes me WAY impressed with your ability to predict the future. Wow.
P.S. I love Hurley! ;)
P.P.S. You're not shrinking, their scale/height measurer is broken.
P.P.P.S. Oh, Grandma. (Said while smiling and shaking head.)
P.P.P.P.S. I'm also Barack Obama's cousin!(According to Facebook...)

D said...

I think the Island will cure him. He had some kind of weird crush on Juliet because she "looked just like her." But I don't think they ever explained who the "her" was so maybe she looks like herself.

But really I kind of hope Ben is dead...though I don't know if that would be interesting enough...

AMy said...

i am dying of laughter right now! between the 70 year old nurse and your grandma, it seems that the old biddies of the world are out to get you. new paranioa anyone?? and lastly i would gladly give you a few inches off my height. you can pick them up anytime and i deliver too!

Sarah said...

Sometimes when I drive home in the afternoons, I realize I can barely see out my rearview mirror without lifting my head unbearably high, whereas in the morning, it was adjusted to a perfect height. So, either someone likes to play an april fool's day joke on my EVERY afternoon, or we just get a wee bit shorter (let's say, about 3/4 of an inch shorter) as the day goes on and compresses us down. :) So, go back and have them measure you in the morning. After sleeping upside down to lengthen your spine, of course! :)