Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday Thoughts

Several times yesterday when checking the news online I saw the headline, "Honor student leaves for work, disappears." Eventually I clicked on it, and it turns out it's a cold case and the girl is still missing, so I don't mean to make light of it. But it got me thinking. This young woman was known as "honor student" went she went missing. What would I be known as? What is the one thing that the newspapers would grab onto about me and use as my most important feature? I hope there's never a need for them to do that, but if there is, here are some I came up with:

Blogger leaves for work, disappears
Spinster leaves for work, disappears
Amateur bicyclist leaves for work, disappears
Facebook addict leaves for work, disappears
Lost fan leaves for work, disappears

Hmm...looks like I better make some improvements in my life. I don't really like any of those. What about you? What would you be known as?

In other news, what is up with Jon Bon Jovi recently!? I have always thought he was a cool guy, but suddenly I'm not so sure. I heard yesterday that he is forcing the all girl tribute band, Blonde Jovi to change their name claiming it's too similar to Bon Jovi. Blonde Jovi is the best tribute band name ever!! The real Bon Jovi was worried people would get confused. Confused? Really? How dumb does Bon Jovi think we are? Also, when was the last time you read "Jovi" this many times in one paragraph? Anyway, Blonde Jovi had to change their name to Blonde Jersey. Lame. Seriously lame. I'm very disappointed in Bon Jovi. But not too disappointed to post a super hot picture of him from the 80's.

Happy Wednesday.


Kathy said...

I think this is how your headline would read: "Saline Hannah Montana fan frolics and runs with deer herd in field, disappears."

Elizabeth Downie said...

Kathy, yours would be: Local Joey Mcintyre fan club owner/operator crowd surfs at NKOTB concert, disappears.

Kathy said...

I love it!

Ok, Justin gets a headline too: "Former Jobros member experiences a spider rescue fail while eating volcano tacos, disappears."

justin said...

I think that should say "Former B-52's member". I'm still very ashamed of my ties to the Jobros. At least Fred, Kate, Cindy, Keith, and I are all still on speaking terms.

Sandy said...

today's post has led me to the realization that adding the words Bon Jovi to any sentence makes it inevitably hilarious. "how dumb does Bon Jovi think we are?" is priceless. Or, Bon Jovi fan leaves for work, disappears.

Angie Cheney said...

That would be my headline, World's BIGGEST Bon Jovi fan, who had the Slippery When Wet RECORD AND went to the best Bon Jovi concert ever in 1987 (I think?) and still really, really likes him, disappears...

Katherine said...

And why does Jon Bon Jovi keep switching up his name? Bon Jovi, Jon Bon Jovi, Bon Bon Jovi...mmm, bon bons. Maybe I'll start up a band named Bon Bon Jovi. Then Jon Bon Jovi will have to get in touch with me to work out the legal issues and we can talk about hair products.

David and Linda said...

I think that you should join Blonde Jersey, then your milk carton would say: Blonde Jersey singer leaves for concert, disappears. Then Bon Jovi would say : "Serves her right for trying to steal my name."