Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Funnies

Here are three things making me laugh today. I hope you enjoy. Happy Friday! Ooo, I think I'll do a poll. Let me know which of these you found the funniest.

1.) Lady gets involved in something that wasn't her business. This one is mean but cracked me up. The squirrels in Ann Arbor are not joking around.

2). Ze Frank. Go to the educational videos, then click on the dance instructions (there are two). Be sure to read some of the explanations below the instructional videos. Expect to see me doing these moves at a party near you.

3.) This is a video that Katherine loves (here's a link in case the video doesn't load (for you, RR)):


justin said...

it's hard not to vote for the squirrel story. Gilly is pretty funny, but Z. E. brought it down a bit for me.

Jess said...

The dancing was a clear winner for me. I look forward to the next dance party you're at. The squirrel story was not funny but terrifying.

Britt said...

I loved the Dancing instructions! (Well the odds were skewed in his favor because Hulu cannot be accessed from outside the US) Do you know this guy, by the way? How fun would that be to invite him to all your parties!?! Please, please, wait until I'm back in Michigan to publicly perform these new dance moves! I'll practice them if you will. The "Ride the Pony" is my favorite. I will work on mastering it first and then (depending on how that goes) move on to the "Stir the Pot of Love." I love it!!